I am not a party girl. I never have been, and I most likely never will be. Not that I’m passing judgement on anyone who decides to do that, because I respect other ways of life. I just personally can not handle being in that tight of a space filled with wasted frat boys and sticky floors. I basically go into a panic every time I think about it. But other than that, I have nothing against people going out and living the way they choose to live. I just want better for myself than that, and so I would much rather spend my nights reading a good book or having meaningful conversations with strangers.

Before you say, "I haven’t tried it out yet", or "I haven’t found the right ones to go to", I don’t have any need to. I know that no matter what type of party I go to is going to be detrimental to my well-being, and I can’t have that. I choose to refrain from going, and the least you can do is respect that decision the way I respect yours. And not that you need to know, but I have tried it out.

That being said, not being a party girl at college is seen as an anomaly. I’m almost expected to want to go out every night of the weekend, and while I know this isn’t the case with every school. I have found it can be the case at mine. And again, I don’t judge or look down on anyone who does that, and finds that they like it, because it’s not my place. I just know it is not the place for me, especially as a young, emotional, and vulnerable freshman. I would not feel comfortable at a party, even with people that I know, because I personally don’t know them well enough. At home I would have felt more comfortable because they were people I had grown up around. But in this strange new environment, I would rather keep to myself and stay in on a Friday night. And that is okay.

For any fellow college students who don’t go out, it’s okay to stay in your room and take some time for yourself. Go to a campus event if you want to, see a guest speaker, even catch a concert if you can. You have the world at your feet to explore. If you aren’t ready for that yet, or you just don’t feel up to it, it is also wonderful to just watch netflix and catch up on some sleep. Weekends are a great time to rejuvenate yourself and get ready for the week ahead. Use that time to get in gear again. On that note, it is also not a bad idea to go home and see your family, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while or if it has just been a bad week. It shouldn’t be seen as weak to go home when you need to. Sometimes the one thing you need to get yourself back on track is a hug from your mom. Those weekends are great to take advantage of to do something for yourself.

I still respect anyone who chooses that lifestyle, I just know it is not for me. So while you are out living it up until two in the morning on Friday and Saturday nights at P&G’s or a frat house, I’ll be making myself a cup of hot tea and catching up on some Grey’s Anatomy before calling it a night at ten. That’s just what I like to do.