Awesome Party Games To Play With Your Friends, College Edition

Awesome Party Games To Play With Your Friends, College Edition

Party games that you can play with your friends and never get bored of them.


Party games have been around for a long time. Games like Uno, Connect Four and Monopoly are fun and all but get boring after a while, and if you pull up to a college party with those games not a lot of people would play. If you're looking for something new to bring to the table, you're in luck, because this young and hip college student knows what games people go crazy over.

1. "Super Smash Bros Ultimate"

Nintendo / Instagram

If you own or know somebody with a Nintendo Switch console, there's a high chance that they own "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate." I know I do. "Super Smash Bros Ultimate" is not only the perfect game to play with your friends, but it makes a great party game. With over 70 characters and stages to choose from and the eight-player smash game mode, you can be sure to have one hell of a time. It's also a perfect way to make new friends as well. Who doesn't want to play as their favorite Nintendo character and beat the crap out of people?

2. "Cards Against Humanity"

Cards Against Humanity / Instagram

"Cards Against Humanity" isn't the type of game you want to play with your parents unless you have parents like mine, but that's a different story for a different article. "Cards Against Humanity" is one of those games you play to have a couple of laughs with people. You can't go wrong with making different combinations with cards to create funny sentences or situations. The best part about this card game is that there are expansion packs available for the game so the deck that you use always stays fresh and new and you won't get the same boring cards over and over again.

3. "Cyanide and Happiness Joking Hazard"

Cyanide & Happiness Official / Instagram

To put it short and simple, Joking Hazard is just like "Cards Against Humanity" but with pictures. Very, very... questionable images. Don't get me wrong, the game is just as fun, maybe even better. I would NEVER play this with my parents at all though. If you want a perfect "college game," this is your game right here. Sit back, relax and let the laughs and gasps flow throughout the room.

4. "Mario Kart 8"

Nintendo / Instagram

Like I said with "Smash Ultimate," If you ask someone with a Nintendo Switch what games do they have this is another popular title that will pop up. Mario Kart games have been a party staple for many years now, and with "Mario Kart 8" it's no different. Racing against your friends is more exciting than ever. There's something about this game that is just so addicting to play at parties. Just be careful though, this game has a reputation for destroying friendships.

5. "Super Mario Party"

Nintendo / Instagram

This party game I'm suggesting is literally made for parties. It even says so in the title. "Super Mario Party" is filled with over 50 mini-games that you can play with your friends and fellow party goers. I've been to a couple parties this year and every single time I went there were always people playing it.

6. "Just Dance 2019"

Just Dance / Instagram

If you've been going to parties and haven't seen anybody play any of the Just Dance series, you've been going to the wrong parties. Over 100 hit popular songs including classics, dancing with your friends, overall having a good time and enjoying yourself, you can't go wrong with that. Plus it's a good way to get some exercise.

I hope that you take these games into consideration the next time you go to a party. Who knows, maybe you'll be the king of the party after you whip one of these games out. I'm serious about "Joking Hazard" though. DON'T play it with your parents. Or do, whatever, it's your funeral.

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Cover Image Credit: Juliarose Genuardi

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8 Tips To Stay Alive Longer In 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'

It takes some skill, but there are definitely some tricks that you can use to get through to the end.


"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" (PUBG) is a key shooter that gives players a chance to go face-to-face for survival under conflict royale rules. Since it arrived on PC's in 2017, PUBG has gained a massive following and has expanded its versatility to other consoles. Governing as the last man or lady standing and getting that "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" is what everyone wants, but so few get.

Would you like to enjoy the sweet taste of that chicken supper presented with a side of crazy murders and boasting rights? Following below tips from the total masters will fill in the alcoves and corners in your now flawed run.

1. Always use headphone to track the footsteps of other players.

Your playing will improve tremendously if you use headphones. They help to track the footsteps of enemies that show on the minimap and also let you know where the enemy is easier than if you just play with speakers on your TV or computer.

2. Customize your game settings, especially in mobile.

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3. Choose your landing area wisely.

Contacting the ground on the correct spot is significant as everything necessary is a projectile attempting to thump you down. Picking the correct area could be one of your most important decisions as the high plunder places are likewise the high-hazard zones. There are a few hot zones on each PUBG map, so make sure you're familiar with the one you're playing.

4. Use grenades and cocktails when you can.

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5. Use vehicles for long runs.

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8. Start shooting when you mean to.

It's very regular for players to get energized at whatever point they see somebody. In any case, it's important to practice restriction and not simply begin shooting without knowing what you're shooting at. In the event that you see another player and they don't see you, try to improve your position if you can and guarantee that they're inside the scope of your weapon. That way, you'll have the option to complete the slaughter instead of getting in a superfluous shootout where you risk your life as well.

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