7 Things Your Partner Does That Means They Are Marriage Material

7 Things Your Partner Does That Means They Are Marriage Material

Sometimes you just know!

Samantha Wolf

There are just some things in life that happen and you just “know." Your significant other may have seemed greater than anything in the world, but then they start doing things that just make you stop and appreciate how much they truly care about you and they seem even greater than before.

This is especially true for relationships that have been around for a while. You have had time, then, to grow with your partner and also see them grow as their own person. For some, growing on your own can cause you to grow apart, but there is no greater feeling than that of growing on your own and also growing with the one you love.

Love knows no time constraint, whether you have been together for months or years, there are some things that you “just know” makes your sweetheart spousal material.

These things can be big, or they can be small, but these things can let you know that your future looks pretty bright if you're looking to marry your partner.

1. They are more concerned with your well being than their own.

This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t put themselves first--they absolutely should value their own self-care (that’s also an important factor for a healthy relationship). But if they are willing to sacrifice something to make sure you're going to be OK, you can bet your bottom dollar they are all in. Whether this means giving you the last $20 in their wallet so they know you have enough gas to make it home safely, reminding you to put on your seatbelt or sacrificing an extra hour or two of sleep that they need to make sure you make it in safely after a night out with your friends, they’re special.

2. They look at things through an “us” lens rather than a “me” lens.

If you’re planning a day trip, a weekend out, a vacation or even just where you’re going for lunch, and they are looking at what you want to do before what they want to do, they’re special.

To me, that’s just respectful. When they plan things through an “us” lens, they plan things that they know you will both enjoy, not just things they’d like to do. When they stop looking through a “me” lens and focus more on the “us," I think it could be a clue that they might be a good potential spouse. It shows they have matured enough to care about your wants and needs in partnership with their own.

3. They’re willing to sit down and talk about any problems you have together and work them out.

I think we’re probably all guilty of wanting to just stop an argument and put it off for later, but if you’re having issues of any kind and your partner wants to sit down, talk it out and get everything in line, don’t be frustrated with this, even if you may want to wait.

Confronting problems head-on is a sign of maturity, and the willingness to attempt to work it out or finding a compromise is so important. Without a little compromise and understanding, a relationship will never work.

4. They keep their cool.

Let's be real, even the most sound couples have their arguments and bad days. In the middle of a heated argument, sometimes things can continue to escalate. In the U.S., domestic violence is a very common problem.

If your partner can stay level-headed in a heavy argument and never make you feel as if harm could come your way or make you feel threatened, this is someone you can work things out with.

Do not stay in a situation that can become harmful. If you are in a relationship with someone not-so-level-headed and have ever felt fear or have physically or emotionally been harmed, seek help!

5. They care about your family and loved ones.

Marriage means that you could be spending a lot of time with your partner's family and loved ones. We have all heard or witnessed firsthand the stories of the dreaded evil mothers-in-law or the terrible in-laws; don't let that be you.

If you're partner truly takes the time to get to know not only you but also those who love you, they're something special. They're investing in those that they may get to see and share holidays with for the rest of your lives!

6. Awkward doesn't exist.

You feel so comfortable with your partner. Things like long periods of silence, brushing your teeth while they're using the bathroom, etc... none of those things are awkward anymore.

If you can't handle long periods of being together and not sharing words, it might be a little hard to stay together. You can't tell me that over the span of your life and/or your relationship that you'll never run out of things to talk about; trust me, you will.

And sometimes you're just going to be annoyed by the sound of their breathing. It is what it is.

7. You just KNOW!

Really, sometimes you just KNOW when things are going to work out. What you don't know is "when."

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