Parks and Rec VS. The Office

The Unpopular Opinion: Why 'Parks And Rec' Is Better Than 'The Office'

In the words of April Ludgate, "I declare that everything you are saying is stupid."

I've taken Twitter polls. I've blogged to TV fans. I've searched far and wide, but at the end of the day, those who feel like Parks and Rec is better than The Office are a strict minority. Here are ten reasons why the majority could literally not be more wrong.

Ben and Leslie.

Parks and Recreation Ben X Leslie

Ben and Leslie have the (adult) relationship we all want. All the love, none of the childish Pam and Jim stuff. Just pure love and support. (Also a huge fan of the matriarchal relationship; women can be more than just secretaries, Pam!)

Ron Swanson.

Ron Swanson and the Swivel Chair

Enough said.

Jerry is a better Toby than Toby is.

larry gergich gif

Every show needs a Toby. But at least Parks and Rec gave Jerry a storyline that was more interesting and less agonizing to follow. No one cares about the Scranton Strangler or your receding hairline, Toby.

Lil' Sebastian.

Lil Sebastian gif

Parks and Rec has THE Lil' Sebastian. What does The Office have? The bat that gave Meredith rabies? Angela's cats? We all know that dogs are better anyways, Angela. On the matter of featured animals, Parks easily takes the cake. After all, he truly is 5000 candles in the wind.

Michael Scott is annoying.

Scott's Tots.

Scott's Tots. Need I say more?

Here's a short pause so you can have time to cringe while you think about Scott's Tots.



The Chris Pratt transformation (and really just Chris Pratt in general).

Chris Pratt Butter gif

I don't know about you, but I have always loved Chris Pratt. Watching him transform from the cuddly teddy bear to the jacked up savior of the galaxy was perhaps one of the show's subtle victories, but a victory nonetheless. Plus, no one can match his improv humor and loveable face.

April Ludgate is all of our spirit animals.

How April Ludgate Are You?

We can all identify with the people hating, work hating, everything but dog and Chris Pratt hating character.

Women in politics!!

Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope

More like women comanding politics!

You can't deny the impact that Leslie Knope has had on the world, and Amy Poehler paints her as a woman that all little girls can look up to. Pave the way for us, Leslie!

There's not much you can say for the ladies of The Office. Jo Bennet was the boss of something or another...before relinquishing control of her company to a power hungry man...

Also, let us not forget about Anne Perkins. While annoying from time to time, she was a nurse! Women in politics AND in science! Two points Parks.

A woman is the boss.


Take that Michael Scott (and Andy, Dwight, Creed, Robert California, DeAngelo Vickers, etc.).

The main character never abandoned the show.

I'm ready Parks and Rec GIF

It's okay. You can admit it. The Office lost a little bit of its signature humor when it lost Steve Carell. No one could ever fill those George Foreman grilled shoes.

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An Open Letter To Those Not Graduating On Time

Graduating college in any number of years is an accomplishment to be proud of.

To the person that isn't graduating on time,

It sucks, and I won't lie to you and tell you it doesn't. The day you walk out of Advising, head hanging down because you aren't going to finish in four years, makes you feel ashamed of yourself. You did well in high school; you were always told you were smart, expected to be smart, so why couldn't you make it out in four years like you were supposed to?

You know you're going to have to tell your family, so you begin preparing yourself for the worst reactions possible. And telling your friends you won't be graduating with them will only add to that sense of hopelessness.

Soon, you'll see photos and posts from people you left high school with, talking about graduation and the wonderful lives they are about to begin in their new careers. You'll wonder how they did it, and you'll feel like a failure.

But you're not.

Graduating from college is a huge deal. It really is. And it will be no less of an accomplishment in five, six, or 10 years.

"According to the Department of Education, fewer than 40 percent of students who enter college each year graduate within four years, while almost 60 percent of students graduate in six years. At public schools, less than a third of students graduate on time."

Things happen. You might change your major. You might have financial troubles. You may take a year off to figure out exactly what you want to do. That's okay. Take all the time you need. The real world and your career will still be there whenever you graduate.

Guess what else. Your family will still love you, and your friends will still support you. Give them some credit. Your loved ones want you to be happy and successful. Don't get me wrong, they may be upset at first, but give them a chance. Odds are, when the emotions settle, they will go right back to asking how classes are going. And when you do get the news that you'll be graduating, they will celebrate with you, and they will be there in the crowd, waiting for you to walk across that stage.

Graduation will happen. If you attend your class and study hard, it will happen. There is no reason to rush. Just do your best. Try your hardest. Take classes when you can. Just by doing that, you're doing more than so many others are able to do.

"Among 18 countries tracked by the OECD, the United States finished last (46 percent) for the percentage of students who completed college once they started it."

You'll get there. Take your time. Enjoy your classes. Find new interests. Study what you love. Embrace opportunities. Study abroad. Take that weird elective class. This is your time to take in everything the world has to offer. Take advantage of that. You'll graduate when you graduate, filled with pride and wisdom. And when they call your name, and you walk across that stage, hold your head up high, because you've earned every bit of your degree.

Graduating from college takes countless hours of studying, long hours in the library, and a tremendous amount of dedication. Don't add pressure to yourself by setting a timer. It is completely okay to graduate when you graduate, and it is still something to be proud of.

Best Wishes,
A woman who is finally graduating

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I Took the MCAT and This is What Happened

The MCAT is one of the hardest things I have ever completed in my life, and I still do not know if I passed.


I started studying for the MCAT during winter break, December 2018, and then I sat for my test on April 13, 2019. Going into my test, I was very nervous. I was scared that I would be late for my test, so I showed up an hour before the doors even opened. I was worried that I would get too hungry during the 8 hour exam, so I brought my whole fridge along with me. Basically, a lot of worrying was going on. However, I began to calm down as all the positive messages from friends and family starting rolling in before I walked into my testing site. Their positive vibes soothed my anxieties, and actually gave me some confidence as I walked into the exam…Then the first section began. The first section one tackles on the MCAT is chemistry and physics (C/P). Though this section had never been my strong suit, I have been able to do okay due to my strengths in chemistry (not so much in physics). Then, the MCAT royally screwed me over by making this section basically all Physics. It wasn't enough that physics passages give me the worse anxiety, but they were so calculation filled that I wasted so much valuable time trying to do math. It got to the point where I just guessed on most of the math questions to get to questions I had a better chance of answer.

I took my ten minute break and felt more exhausted than I ever have in any of the previous practice full lengths I've taken. Thankfully, the next section is CARS, critical analysis and reasoning is my favorite section – and I blew through this with no problems. It was kind of a nice break after the roller-coaster that was the C/P section.

By the end of CARS I was starving and so very thankful for the thirty minute break, but for some reason (because I was scared of running out of time) I went back to start the next section, biology and biochem (B/B), after only 15 minutes. Thankfully! It wasn't the worse decision because the B/B section was not off standard from what I was used to. I actually found many questions to be very straightforward and easy, which is kind of scary.

Finally, my 8 hour exam day was almost over. I just had one more section, and it was the one I was least worried about, Psychology and Sociology (P/S). As a psychology major, I've had to do the least studying for this section, but the MCAT threw things at me that I don't even know how to process. I would read some questions and immediately think of an answer, only for the answer to not be any of the answer choices. I'm really nervous to see how my results turn out for this section next month.

In the end, I put a lot of hard work studying for the MCAT. It is definitely an intimidating task, but it is very much achievable with organization, determination, and large amounts of caffeine. Now starts the dreaded one month wait till I get my results!

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