Parks and Rec VS. The Office
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The Unpopular Opinion: Why 'Parks And Rec' Is Better Than 'The Office'

In the words of April Ludgate, "I declare that everything you are saying is stupid."

The Unpopular Opinion: Why 'Parks And Rec' Is Better Than 'The Office'
I've taken Twitter polls. I've blogged to TV fans. I've searched far and wide, but at the end of the day, those who feel like Parks and Rec is better than The Office are a strict minority. Here are ten reasons why the majority could literally not be more wrong.

Ben and Leslie.

Parks and Recreation Ben X Leslie

Ben and Leslie have the (adult) relationship we all want. All the love, none of the childish Pam and Jim stuff. Just pure love and support. (Also a huge fan of the matriarchal relationship; women can be more than just secretaries, Pam!)

Ron Swanson.

Ron Swanson and the Swivel Chair

Enough said.

Jerry is a better Toby than Toby is.

larry gergich gif

Every show needs a Toby. But at least Parks and Rec gave Jerry a storyline that was more interesting and less agonizing to follow. No one cares about the Scranton Strangler or your receding hairline, Toby.

Lil' Sebastian.

Lil Sebastian gif

Parks and Rec has THE Lil' Sebastian. What does The Office have? The bat that gave Meredith rabies? Angela's cats? We all know that dogs are better anyways, Angela. On the matter of featured animals, Parks easily takes the cake. After all, he truly is 5000 candles in the wind.

Michael Scott is annoying.

Scott's Tots.

Scott's Tots. Need I say more?

Here's a short pause so you can have time to cringe while you think about Scott's Tots.



The Chris Pratt transformation (and really just Chris Pratt in general).

Chris Pratt Butter gif

I don't know about you, but I have always loved Chris Pratt. Watching him transform from the cuddly teddy bear to the jacked up savior of the galaxy was perhaps one of the show's subtle victories, but a victory nonetheless. Plus, no one can match his improv humor and loveable face.

April Ludgate is all of our spirit animals.

How April Ludgate Are You?

We can all identify with the people hating, work hating, everything but dog and Chris Pratt hating character.

Women in politics!!

Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope

More like women comanding politics!

You can't deny the impact that Leslie Knope has had on the world, and Amy Poehler paints her as a woman that all little girls can look up to. Pave the way for us, Leslie!

There's not much you can say for the ladies of The Office. Jo Bennet was the boss of something or another...before relinquishing control of her company to a power hungry man...

Also, let us not forget about Anne Perkins. While annoying from time to time, she was a nurse! Women in politics AND in science! Two points Parks.

A woman is the boss.


Take that Michael Scott (and Andy, Dwight, Creed, Robert California, DeAngelo Vickers, etc.).

The main character never abandoned the show.

I'm ready Parks and Rec GIF

It's okay. You can admit it. The Office lost a little bit of its signature humor when it lost Steve Carell. No one could ever fill those George Foreman grilled shoes.

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