If you're running late to class, then good luck finding parking close to the building your class is in. There are about 35,000 students enrolled at San Diego State University. There are about 8,000 freshmen and most of them live on campus. However, some freshmen have cars. That means that almost every student that goes to SDSU needs parking so there is a problem.

Some of the parking structures at SDSU get filled really fast because they're very convenient and nearby buildings. For example, PS1 and PS12 get full fast! PS1 is nearby the EBA building, GMCS building, Student Services West, and the Love Library. PS12 is nearby the Music building, ENS building, West Commons, and Hepner Hall. In my opinion, these are the easiest parking structures to park at. I personally like PS1 because it's close to my house compared to PS12.

On Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's, I have class at 9 am in Hardy Tower and I park in PS1. There are still plenty of parking spots at 8:30-8:40 am so for these days I just leave my house 30 min before class starts. However, if you have class around 12-1 pm and are looking for parking in PS1 then good luck because you're not likely to find anything. You can look but by the time you actually find a spot (if you're lucky) then you're already late for your class. That is why I recommend parking in PS3 or PS4, which are near the dorms. I personally don't like parking there because they are so far, which means walking for 10 min to your class. I park there as my last option.

On Tuesday's and Thursday's, I have class at 9:30 am in the Music building so I park in PS12. Before this academic year, I never parked regularly in PS12. PS12 gets full fast really fast. By 9 am, there is no parking in that structure. I learned this lesson on the first day of classes. I thought I was going to be fine when I left my house 30 min before. I was not fine. I was late for my class. I ended up parking in another structure. I was never late to my class ever again because now I have been leaving my house an hour early. And there is parking once I get to campus around 8:30-8:40 am. I usually just chill in my car until my 9:30 am class. However, if you want to park in that structure around 12-1 pm then good luck.

It's ridiculous parking at SDSU. Every morning I wish parking at SDSU was easier. There are more students than there are good parking spots. Most students complain that the cost for the parking permits is expensive but that's another topic and I'm not going to dwell too much into it. Maybe SDSU should lower the price since parking is never a happy experience. This problem is only going to get worse since the number of students attending SDSU is increasing. But, who knows what is going to happen.