"When you're a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are going to be right about that." — Pam Beesly, "The Office"

When I was a kid, I assumed my parents were soulmates. They'd kiss every time my dad got home from work, and I used to say, "ew, stop making out!" They'd attend events together, sit and watch TV and eat pizza together and help each other with any task that needed to be done around the house or outside. When I was a kid, I assumed my parents were soulmates... And I was right.

As I grow up, I see love between my mom and dad in ways I didn't as a child. I see the way my mom's eyes light up when my dad makes her laugh and I see the love in my dad when my mom gets him a really great gift (even if he guessed what it was before he opened it.) I see the nicknames that haven't faded out and that laughter is, and always has been, the core of their marriage. I am able to see that my parents were meant for each other but are, above anything else, best friends.

I'm appreciative for a lot of the things in my life, but one of the largest is that my parents are still in love. Not just still together, but still in love. I'm appreciative that in my entire life, I've hardly ever seen them fight. And more than anything, I'm appreciative to have two people to look to and model my relationships after. I have two role models who have constantly shown me what it is like to love and be loved by somebody in the most beautiful way possible.

My parents raised me (and honestly, continue to raise me) so well, in a house full of laughter and love. They've shown me respect in relationships. Without them even having to open their mouths, I know how to love somebody wholly and healthily, just by watching them. And I know how to be loved back wholly and healthily, too. They've shown me what a truly beautiful marriage is, and it is something I aspire to achieve myself.

My parents are amazing human beings, so amazing that I know that even if they weren't in love or did choose to divorce, they'd still be amazing parents. Having parents who are still together is not the only way to have an incredible family, and having parents who are still in love isn't the only way to learn what a healthy, loving relationship is. However, that doesn't mean I do not feel lucky and happy to have the parents that I do.

Having parents who are still madly in love is truly a gift, and I am thankful for it every day.

I love you, mom and dad!