In this day and age, almost no parent will spank their children.

Most say that it's "child abuse" and when you spank your kids at a young age, that makes them turn out to be violent when they grow up. The problem is that young parents these days can't distinguish the fine line between spanking for DISCIPLINE and spanking to abuse.

I for one was spanked when I was younger.

When I was doing something I wasn't supposed to, I was given a warning by my parents. They told me to stop what I was doing or there would be consequences. Me being the child I was, I didn't always listen to them, thus resulting in getting spanked on my bottom. You can bet your bottom dollar that after that, I didn't do it again.

There's a big difference between disciplining your child(ren) and abusing them.

When you discipline them, you're teaching them that doing something wrong will result in consequences, whether that be a spank on their bottom or taking away a toy. When you're abusing your child, you're leaving marks and bruises on them by using excessive force for no reason.

Kids nowadays are so out of control.

Parents let their kids run wild at Walmart and allow their kids to ignore them and their commands. The kids who need to be spanked are not getting spanked and truthfully, parents have become wimps because of that. When you don't discipline your child and teach them that negative actions cause consequences, the roles are then reversed and you (the parent) become the child and the child is the adult who is running the show and last time I checked, that's not how it should be.

Spanking is in no way, shape, or form child abuse.

When you aren't disciplining your child, you're neglecting your duty as a parent to raise your children to be respectful and responsible. It isn't intended to abuse and it is not supposed to injure your child. Spanking is supposed to be measured and controlled. I know that some parents will grab a belt and swat their children on their bottoms MULTIPLE times, leaving many marks and bruises and that is abuse.

Spanking is supposed to correct a child's behavior. It is not a way to make children fear you.

I can't be the one to tell you how to discipline your kids. I don't even have kids myself, but I'm so exhausted with trying to go out into public and run errands only to be surrounded by kids who are running around screaming and playing when they shouldn't be. I'm so exhausted with hearing little kids scream at their parents and call them names and the parent just shrugs it off and lets it go.

Whether or not you spank your kids, know that there is a fine line between spanking for discipline and spanking for abuse and as someone who was spanked when they were younger and turned out just fine, spanking does NOT cause children to be violent later on in life, child abuse does.