Your Parents Are Your Biggest Supporters
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College Is When It Hits You Your Parents Really Are Your Biggest Supporters

A visit from Mom or Dad really can make your week at school so much better.

College Is When It Hits You Your Parents Really Are Your Biggest Supporters
Cassidy Freeman

Whether we realize it or not, our parents are the ones who care the most about us. They always have, from when we were babies into our bratty teenage years. From high school graduation through college stresses. They may not always show it, or maybe they show it in a way we aren't familiar with. We may fight, bicker and disagree, but when we step back, it's easy to see that the reason for the disagreements is that they always have our best interests at heart. And although they don't want to admit it, they definitely don't want us making the same mistakes they did when they were younger.

Being in college is probably the longest amount of time many of us have ever spent away from our homes and our families. With so many things to focus on while at school, we tend to forget about our families and how much we actually miss them. At the end of the day, although we don't realize it, they probably miss us more than we miss them.

For fall break a couple of weekends ago, I didn't get the chance to make it back home, so my mom came to campus to visit me on Sunday. I've only seen her and my dad two times since I've moved in, and seeing her made me realize how much I actually miss her. I sometimes forget how relaxing it is to hang out with my family, especially my mom. I checked my phone and saw a text from Mom reading: "5 mins away! Can't wait to see u!" As I walked across Maple Street to the market to buy a coffee, I remembered that they sell dark chocolate salted caramel candies. Just before checking out, I grabbed a box of the candies because I know they're my mom's favorite.

Once she arrived, we didn't do anything extravagant – we simply drove to Kenwood Mall in Cincinnati to pick up some much-needed fall clothing, and afterward we ate dinner at Olive Garden. Getting out of Oxford, although Cincinnati is only about 45 minutes away, was a nice breath of fresh air, and going with my mom made it 10 times better. We caught up on everything from school, to my brother's high school soccer season, to everyday mundane activities we have to partake in. It was a refreshing break from the stress of midterms, socializing and studying.

When we arrived back in Oxford, we stopped at Bagel and Deli to get my dad a bagel, which he ate for lunch the next day (the bagels are better warmed up in an oven, via advice from a Bagel and Deli worker). Our day had sadly come to an end due to my mom wanting to get back before Columbus traffic got too bad. As she was pulling away, she rolled down her window and raved about how excited she was to eat the chocolates I had bought her. Even though my mom wasn't here for a full day, the time I spent with her made me realize that the simple experiences and gestures are sometimes the ones that can mean the most.

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