8 Parenting Tips From A 21 Year-Old Who Doesn't Want Kids
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8 Parenting Tips From A 21 Year-Old Who Doesn't Want Kids

Who's sliding into your kid's DMs?

8 Parenting Tips From A 21 Year-Old Who Doesn't Want Kids

I know what you're thinking, "if you don't have kids or don't even want them your opinion and tips on parenting are completely obsolete."

Well yes, if you have kids and are happy the way you're raising them then perfect, but I can promise that you might happen to agree with some of these.

1. Chill out with the screen time:

Children have become so reliant on whatever device is new and improved. I've never seen so many teenage girls half naked dancing to that "I need one dance" or whatever it's called. Seriously, it's gotten out of control.

Take them out, it's your responsibility as a parent to show them the world and shape the person they are going to become. Don't get me wrong, I love my computer and my phone is always right beside me, but I'd go without them to see the world while kids just want to document it.

Side note: it gets them out of the house for a little

2. Watch their screen time

Do you know everything your kid puts on their Instagram page, who they're SnapChatting, or who's, as the kids say it, "sliding into their DMs?" There are bad people in this world, you don't want your child to become a victim.

3. Don't Make Them Perform

I have never seen so many parents put videos of their children cussing, giving attitude to their parents, playing basketball at "65 months," and getting pranked by their parents. The parents who do this are just setting their kids up for failure. Yeah, it's cute now but when the kid turns 18 and go buck wild it won't be so cute. Those kids are getting attacked because their parents posted it online, getting called "spoiled little brats" and just being mean.

4. Be Creative with them

A lot of children don't use their imagination anymore. Tagging back to screen time, anything they want to be they can find in an 'app store." You can be a chef, fashion designer, vet, or doctor. Anything all in the palm of your hand.

Support their imagination and let it grow. My older sister and I used to pretend we were spies on our trampoline killing evil delivery men. All because our computer was too slow or Mom was talking to her sister on the phone... you know, dial-up. As you grow up you still need your imagination to be creative. I use it all the time in my communication and public relation classes.

5. Love the heck outta them

The love that my mom showed me growing up has taught me to be selfless and compassionate. That is not something you just "pick up" it's in your upbringing.

Don't smother ol' Paul, just let him know that you will always love him no matter what.

6. Support them

Support them with WHATEVER they do or choose to be. Whether that be follow the family tradition to become a doctor or go off and freelance pictures.

You can go as far you're allowed. So let them dream big mama and let me follow the stars.

7. Fight For Them

Your child is your legacy, and people will try to tear them down. It starts a lot sooner thanks to 8-year-olds with Instagram. They need to know you have their backs, they need to trust you.

8. Truly not trying to offend anyone.

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