You come out of nowhere

I see you coming but I don't when you'll get here

You pull me up in your winds

I get lost in the spinning

When I land I am held down by your weight

I try to move

I try to run

I want to scream but can't find my voice

As I try to break away from your grip the light goes dark

When I can see again you have put me in a box

You have allowed me to stand and scream

But you keep me chained and locked away

I try to run

I try to climb

I try to break through

I throw myself at your wall

I scream for help

I cry in hopes of drowning this pain

Yet the wall never breaks

No one ever hears my screams

And the tears never cause a flood

I act like you aren't overpowering me

I say you aren't real

I don't acknowledge you

Yet you stay there

You never loosen your grip

I never remember what happens before you decide I can be free

For I am never free from your grip

You just let me out of the storm until you come again

And once we meet again your tortures get worse