48 Hours In Panama City, Panama
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48 Hours In Panama City, Panama

A casual weekend trip to Central America

48 Hours In Panama City, Panama
Nick Elder

I decided last weekend would be a great opportunity to explore a new country and with Central America being a convenient weekend getaway from Florida, I took advantage and decided that would be our plan.

I booked my trip from Orlando to Panama City because it offered the best deal in regards to redeeming airline miles. It cost me 17,500 United Airline miles to fly from Orlando to Tocumen International Airport in Panama City. On the way back, I redeemed 12,500 American Airline miles. Overall, round trip, it only cost me $86 in taxes to touch down in international territory and gain that exposure to a culture I had not known much about.

We spent time exploring Casco Viejo, the historic district of Panama City, which happened to be extremely reminiscent of my time spent in Cartagena, Colombia with the narrow, brick layered streets and local hotels and restaurants. On the other hand, Panama City also has a modern look that is quite similar to Miami when viewed from the city skyline. Overall, it made for a fantastic weekend trip.

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