i saw something move past

the corner of my eye

was it the usual machinery

taught to sway against the stars?


it was you.

bright and bold,

beautiful as you leapt deeper across

and fled just as soon as you had arrived

A few weeks ago, I was returning from a visit with friends, when a shooting star had crossed out of the corner of my eye. It was the kind of image that catches your heart off guard, and I wanted to capture that same image in a little poem. I believe sometimes it is the little things that must be addressed, as these small happenings are what make up a greater whole. As I have been learning as of recent, so much of poetry is capturing human emotion, but in a way that speaks with logic, and even ambivalence. It is both a beautiful and necessary art form. I hope to continue to write poetry, revise and revise, and perhaps, eventually, publish a small collection.