65 years of occupation and the Palestinian people have yet to be treated fairly. Palestinians who have been imprisoned (for no absolute reason) are starting to boycott the Israeli military court.

450 Palestinians were detained on Wednesday, February 14th, due to a controversial practice by the Israeli military. According to Israeli government officials "the detainees are chosen unanimously and collectively".

Those who are boycotting against the Israeli government, are urging the Palestinian authorities to take this issue into International Criminal Court and condemn Israel for not only imprisoning children and adults for no reason, but for the deaths they are responsible for over the years.

What is Our Right in the US, is a Palestinians Dream

What is our right here, in America, apparently doesn’t exist in Israel? Typically, police officers arrest those who have broken the law or anything along those lines. We as a people in the United States have understood and were taught that it is a part of our freedom or rights to not be arrested unlawfully.

However, the Israeli government are imprisoned, not only for lack of reasoning, but also for an indefinite amount of time. The detainees are mainly from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, both places in which have lack of resources and unstable lives.

Although the Palestinian people are boycotting this issue, it only gives the Israeli government more of a chance to say that the Palestinians are acting "disorderly" because they are speaking out against the government.

IS This an Act of Fairness?

Israel justifies these acts by claiming they are meant to "spot out terrorists" or "protect their people"; however,does it make sense to detain random citizens and imprison them with no court review or evidence of being associated with terrorist groups? The Palestinians are people who suffer significantly more than the Israeli people who force them off their land.

This is not the first time we see the Israeli army taking people away with no tangible reason. This has happened during multiple occasion in the last 65 years. Israel takes advantage of the power they have over the Palestinians, withthis act illustrating to the world, that the Palestinians are terrorists that should be detained.

In all honesty, the Palestinians don’t have anything to really be portrayed as terrorists. We are talking about a people that barley have clean water and food to put in their mouths. Israel, especially in the last decade, has detained not only men, but they are detaining little boys and girls for even speaking out against Israel's government. This specific event is no surprise to the Arab community or to those who are major supporters of Palestine.