Packing: The Nightmare

Summer vacation for many is just a few weeks away. Some might stay home, and enjoy their time off . Others like my self go on vacation . Now the most unfortunate part is having to pack. You can never know the exact things you need. But, I do have a few ideas to make it a little easier. Here are five tips to make packing more fun.

1. You don't

Just don't . Look at that suitcase, and think of all the fun stuff you are going to do. Think of the stuff you can buy, and all the food you're going to eat. Then think about how the sooner you pack the sooner you can get there. That in-turn will help you pack faster.

2. You make a list

Put random stuff together. Put the things in random groups like stuff you have to bring . Make a list of clothes and separate for tooth past. Leave room for souvenirs. (Lets be honest, there will be a lot.)

3. Put on Netflix

Find something that you can listen to and not . For me , I try to put something on in the background for when I cean. It helps alot. Or put on music. Something that gets you in the mood for where you are going. The music or Nextflix will get you excited for where ever you go.

4.Get a snack

Eat something , then start. If you have a full stomach you will get less disrations you will have. It might help you remember something important that you forgot about.

5. Actually start packing.

The sooner you actualy start, the sooner you don't have to worry about other things.

There are my tips for packing.

Thanks for reading! :)

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