'Seriously, Where Did All My Socks Go?' And 19 Other Thoughts College Students Have While Packing Up Their Dorm Room

'Seriously, Where Did All My Socks Go?' And 19 Other Thoughts College Students Have While Packing Up Their Dorm Room

I really thought I was going to find the missing pair while packing up

Jessica Cooper-Vastola

It’s that time of the year again where summer vacation is just right around the corner. You’re basically done with your exams, papers, and projects but you still need to pack up your dorm room.

Here are 20 thoughts every college student has packing up their college dorm

1. “How is it already time to pack up my dorm?”

It honestly feels like I just moved in yesterday.

2.“I had no idea it was possible for this much dust to accumulate under my bed!”

You’d be surprised (or not) by just how much dust you’ll find under your bed after a year.

3.“Whose shirt is this?”

If no one has claimed it by now, it’s officially yours.

4.“Why do I own ~insert extremely random object here.~”

I’m just going to assume that you never used that ironing board your mom convinced you to buy.

5. “Did I really think I’d go through four giant five subject notebooks?”

Who’s idea was it anyway to buy all this school supplies anyway?

6. “How am I missing so many pairs of socks?”

You were convinced that you’d find the missing pair when packing up your room. But sadly, you were mistaken.

7. “I have been looking for this all year!”

Finally, you have your favorite sweater back! Sadly, you won't be showing it off until sweater weather next year.

8. “There is no way I’m fitting all of this in a storage unit.”

It may seem like a lot now, but I guarantee you’ll be able to fit everything. And if not, you may need to reconsider saving that broken drying rack and bins you never ended up using.

9. “I didn’t even open this textbook once.”

What you rented that textbook for was basically equal to the amount you’d spend on meals for a month or two.

10. “I can’t wait to get an entire room to myself this summer.”

You may love your roommate, but you’re definitely ready for your own space.

11. “What am I going to do without my roommate?”

Refer back to number 10, but think about living with your best friend for an entire year and now not seeing them daily for two and a half months.

12. “Time to throw my shower shoes away.”

After showering with shoes on for an entire year, it’s odd to think about showering without them.

13. “Remember when these shoes used to be white?”

Designated frat shoes are a must.

14. “Should I keep or throw away this shirt?”

Yes, it may have holes in it, but it’s just too comfy to throw away.

15. “Remember when this outfit used to fit?”

Freshman 15 is real, be warned.

16. “Where did that stain come from?”

Refer to number 14.

17. “Aren’t command strips supposed to not peel paint off?”

Get ready to pay some damage fines!

18. “Did I really need all these boxes of minute rice?”

I never got that desperate.

19. “Where did all my money go?”

You’d be surprised by how much money you blow on meals and target runs.

20.“I’m not ready to pack up my dorm yet.”

You’d never think this day would actually come, but now that it has, packing up your dorm makes leaving seem so real.

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