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There Is Power In Understanding That You're Not Perfect And Owning Your Mistakes And Flaws

Perfection seems to be something we all relentlessly aim to accomplish, which is a completely improbable goal.

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Perfection seems to be something we all relentlessly aim to accomplish, which is a completely improbable goal. Whether you are a perfectionist or feel the pressure to be nearly robotic in your daily actions, there is never a reason to pretend you are the master of everything. Whether that pressure is self-directed or you find yourself feeling as if others are continuously holding you to record-worthy high standards, it is natural to act human and flawed.

I have learned in a few different ways that acting as if you can do it all (when there are moments that will prove you simply cannot) is a hard-headed mentality that will indubitably end up hurting you. I also learned that asking for help is never a sign of ignorance. In fact, my own personal experience has shown me that it will almost always save you from creating a large debacle out of the situation you find yourself in. Or, simply, you can resolve any issue that would have had you pulling the hairs on your head out one-by-one, in a matter of seconds.

The worst feeling, one that cannot be shaken off just by simply attempting to comprehend the emotions that led to-said mistake, is when it can also impact someone else. (Especially when that slip-up can cost you and the other person more than it should have.)

The mishap that always sticks out in memory, because it was really that large and foolishly made, is also the one that taught me this great lesson. These are the reasons why: 1) It could have all been easily avoided had I not put more pressure on myself to find a solution and just spoke up about what had happened. 2) Accidents do and will happen, but what you do afterward is what will always be remembered by yourself and the other people whom may be involved, because those are decisions.

The question is, why do we attempt to act as if we're more than human if it is not always necessary?

Whether it is out of fear or uncertainty, the best things you can do when you the opportunity to accept another's help is present is to be genuine, partially or completely vulnerable, and communicative.

No one can help you unless you allow them to help you.

Granted, there are moments where another's help will not be the most pleasant to accept, but a slight discomfort is only ever temporary.

Owning your mistakes, no matter the embarrassment behind your admittance is only a seemingly immense battle. Yet, without owning your L's, how will you ever accept yourself? Being at constant war with your faults is not a productive nor intelligent approach in doing anything. It does not help the other people who may want to assist you in your challenging endeavor, or most importantly, it will not help you to support yourself. Moreover, it can make you appear as completely inauthentic and untrustworthy, which is never an enjoyable presentiment.

Because the more focused you remain on things such as conflicted emotions, the flaw-filled errors you keep repeatedly replaying in your mind that led up to the zenith of the problem, the more you are focusing your energy into the wrong concern. It prevents you from taking that necessary second to breathe and redirecting that energy in a way that allows you to think clearly (or on your toes). Then, once your head is clear and in the aftermath stage, go ahead and make any well-thought-out decisions.

It starts by simply accepting and flaunting these imperfections. Because who is more confident than the person who can unapologetically come to terms with whom he/she is?

Owning those faux pas means that you're in sync with who you are, which is the most important step to take in life. Although there will always be problems that can be self-resolved and done with great confidence, that same gist of self-esteem should be in existence while admitting that you are not always capable of single-handedly pulling yourself out of trouble.

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