owning who you are in 5 steps
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Owning Who You Are In 5 Steps

You can do it.

Owning Who You Are In 5 Steps

Owning who you are can be tough at all stages in life and sometimes in the midst of college, work, and trying to balance a social life you can start to get down on yourself. In just these 5 steps you can be on your way to embracing the amazing person you are.

1. Say "Oh Well," more often

You may have embarrassed yourself last weekend or forgot to turn in a huge assignment, but understanding that you can't go back in time and change things will help you move forward. Accepting that you can only learn from your past and continue to grow is really important. Look in the mirror and consciously decide to do better next time.

2. Focus on what you bring to the table

With the large social media presence it can feel impossible to incorporate self love into your life. Constantly looking at pictures of people on vacation, in a bikini, or reaching their goals at the gym can make you feel like you are living a mediocre lifestyle. It's important to realize no one is uniquely you. You have so many traits that only you can offer this world. Whether it's the killer omelet you can make or how amazing you make the people around you feel. Just because you aren't in Greece this week or maxing out at the gym doesn't mean that you aren't doing important things for yourself and for the people around you.

3. Only Focus on the things you CAN change

If those unique traits that you bring to the table aren't enough for you, then maybe pick up a few new traits. Psychiatrists recommend learning new skills to keep the mind and body in constant growth and harmony. If it is important to you to start going to the gym more because you think being active would make you feel better, than you should do it. If you want to go to the gym, solely because you want to look like the Instagram models, than maybe hold off until your goals are focused on your own personal health. Want better grades? Spend an extra hour or two a day studying for that test. Focus on the things you can change in your life and work on changing them in moderation. If you try to make too many changes at once it could overwhelm you, but making one change at a time will turn into a habit and will ultimately end in you becoming a better version of yourself.

4. Stop apologizing for who you are

You have no reason to be apologetic for who you are. People are going to come in and out of your life and the ones that stick around are the ones that appreciate you for you. The people that you feel the need to apologize to are the ones that are temporary. If you stop apologizing there is a good chance people may come to appreciate you for being unapologetically yourself.

5. Be honest with yourself

Do you surround yourself with people who support you and influence you to make good decisions? Are you avoiding a relationship because you don't have time or is it actually because you're scared of being hurt? Be honest with yourself about the decisions you're making. If you're unhappy then you should evaluate your surroundings and make sure you're being supported and uplifted. If you're always the single friend and your excuse is that you are 'busy' but actually are scared of the idea of being in a relationship, then work on admitting that to yourself. If you're in a relationship and are scared of being alone, then work on admitting that to yourself. Being honest with yourself will only lead to more self love and respect.
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