5 Underrated Snacks In Epcot And 5 Overrated Ones
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Epcot is my all time favorite park at WDW. Between Spaceship Earth and World Showcase, it's always the first park I visit of my trip. Epcot is home to so many different foods, especially when there's a festival going on. However, a lot of people will visit Epcot more than once and eat the same snacks.

There are a lot of overrated foods, and also underrated ones that not many people know about. Excluding festival foods, here are 5 overrated Epcot snacks first, followed by 5 underrated ones:

5. Germany pretzels. (OVER)

Don't get me wrong, Germany pretzels are amazing. There's always a line for them, and they're definitely worth the wait. However, more than once or twice having them, it gets boring. Everyone wants them, everyone needs them, and there are so many other snacks to be eaten.

4. Mickey Premium Bars (OVER)

These are available in every park, but I've seen so many people eating these in Epcot. I don't even like these, honestly. The chocolate shell gets everywhere, the ice cream melts quick, and you're paying over $4 for standard vanilla ice cream.

3. Egg Rolls (OVER) 

It pains me to say this because I REALLY LOVE THESE, but they're overrated. Everyone lines up at Joy of Tea in China for these babies. They're delicious but definitely something that you expect to get before you even arrive in WDW.

2. Club Cool Sodas (OVER)

Yes, I still go here, no this is technically not a snack. However, it's just overrated. They never change the sodas to new ones anymore, and it takes the fun and surprise elements away because of that. Also, it's a tease. You try these amazing sodas and can't even take them home with you!!

1. Pastries from France (OVER)

Okay, yes I AM the biggest sucker for creme brûlée. Like...I would marry it. However, everyone flocks to the bakery in the back of the France pavilion and pays a lot of money for pastries. Even though they're pretty expensive, people always make sure they stop there before leaving. There are so many other good snack places to eat at!!

5. Kakigori (UNDER)

Tucked into the corner of Japan, there is a little shaved ice stand that sells this frozen treat. I remember seeing people post about this and had never heard of it before. When I went back in May, I got the strawberry flavor with sweet milk on top. It was cheap, a big portion, and absolutely amazing. Many people pass this stand because it is so tiny, but this snack is worth the stop.

4. School Bread (UNDER)

Everyone has definitely heard about this but not many have tried it. School bread is so good!!! It's sweet, fluffy, and a great snack to hold you over before a meal.

3. The House-Made Potato Chips (UNDER)

On my life, I could eat a thousand of these. They're seasoned perfectly, always crunchy, and they even make them to how you like!! Many people will sub these out for fries, but try these for once!!

2. Sushi at Katsura Grill (UNDER)

Just thinking of this place is making me hungry. I love sushi, all kinds. This place has every sushi you can think of. It's prepped and made perfectly. If you find the time, stop in here!

1. Guacamole from Mexico

They have fresh guac at all of the restaurants in Mexico. They come in the stone bowl and it's probably the best guacamole I have ever tasted. Definitely a must try if you're looking for a different snack!!

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