11 Things You Will Probably Overhear In Your College Dorm

11 One-Liners And Partial Convos You Will Definitely Overhear In Your College Dorm For Fall Semester

*Drunken screaming at 3 a.m.*

Kayla Master

When living in a college dorm, you'll come across an interesting array of students that will most definitely say crazy things throughout the semester. From happier, wilder times to more distressing, overwhelming times, students will say the damndest things, and you will definitely hear some of these sentence starters at some point in time.

1. "Wow, day one and I've already been at the library for five hours."

This is exponentially more likely if you're surrounded by STEM major students. Some students have a joke of a first week, but for others, not so much...

2. "I don't think I'm going to class for a week or so."

While some students have a much more difficult first week, other students will have a "sylly week" lifestyle and will likely not go to class for at least a week (and may make a habit of it throughout the entire semester).

3. "OMG. Can people please stop blasting their music all night?"

Life on a dorm floor means interacting with people of varying levels of respect towards others. If someone really likes their music, especially at 4 a.m., they may think that all of their neighbors should enjoy their music as well.

4. *Drunken screaming at 3 a.m.*

This will likely not be any type of coherent string of words, but just random noises of people stumbling back home, normally just on the weekend evenings but don't be surprised to hear this at any day of the week.

5. "Wow I think I've already gained 10 pounds."

The freshman (or sophomore or junior) 15 is real if you let it happen, and you might start noticing it before you know it. Try to use those gym services or throw a piece of fruit in every once in a while.

6. "I don't think I've eaten in like 2 days."

While some students take an eating overboard, some become so busy that they sometimes forget to eat or might have like one meal a day. Try to find a balance between the two extremes.

7. "I'm so homesick. I miss my family so much."

Some people have never been away from home for as long as their college experience, and while some people might handle the distance better, it's not hard to see that some people will struggle with being on their own.

8. "Wow I have about 10 midterms in the next week."

Some people's exam schedules aren't that bad, others' are more like setting their brains on fire. Sometimes the timing gods just aren't that nice to you (more like your professors all conspiring against you), and you'll have a rough week.

9. "My semester is a breeze. I'll be coasting through the semester."

The counterparts to the hair-on-fire students, some students' exam schedules are such a walk in the park that they could probably just write their names on the top of the paper and feel confident about an A for the year.

10. "This semester has been the worst time of my life."

Not everyone is going to have a great college experience, and just about everyone is going to have a bad semester here or there. Hopefully, you can move forward and make the next semester even better.

11. "This semester has been the best time of my life."

Some people are lucky enough to have a great time over the course of the semester. I hope you'll hear more of these than #10, and I hope you're in the boat of having a great semester versus a not-so-great one.

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