Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination can be a dreadful habit that can deviate you from your goals, resulting in a negative cycle leading to more procrastination. Therefore, you must find ways to break this vicious cycle and begin to aim for its worst enemy, productivity. All persons I know want to be more successful, obtain more financial stability and consequently less financial preoccupations. However, the first rule as mentioned in my other articles is the wiliness to change. Do it now and truly posses the will to change. And the second rule in this case is to do more with better results. I have always struggled with procrastination and I know there are a lot of you still having many issues with it, just as I still do. So here are five strategies that will help you improve combating procrastination and become significantly better friends with productivity:

1. Change your thinking

Honestly and basically, if you change the way you think, you will change the way you do things. Consequently, you will change your life. A good trick to avoid procrastination is to simply mention repeatedly to yourself this phrase do it now, do it now. Once you repeat over and over this phrase, it will be transferred from the "superficial" conscious mind to the subconscious mind. Allowing you to begin truly willing to finish whatever you need to get one with. Therefore, if you continue to focus and think on how procrastination gets on your way and the things you need to get done, the more likely you are to keep making the same mistakes since you are constantly thinking about those things and your brain begin to accept it as the reality. Instead, try focusing on how great you are and how well you can accomplish the tasks/projects you need to get done and as a result you will accomplish all those tasks/projects with much less issues as before. So, that is a critical strategy to not just overcome procrastination but also to change any habit. Change your thinking, your mindset and everything around you will start to shift as well.

2. Eat the ugliest frog first

This other strategies compares frogs as being the tasks or projects in hand. That being said, always eat the ugliest frog first and get over with instead of staring at the frog in front of you. It is always good to remember that is impracticable to measure time therefore it is feasible to manage the sequence of events that occurs throughout that time, we cannot control time. Being more or less productive is just a matter of choice, what you choose to do first, second, and third will lay the foundation of the things you need to get done in order. Hopefully, the highest level of importance to the lowest level of importance. Hence, we go back to what I mentioned earlier, it is all a matter of choices.

3. Focus on relevancy and immediate consequences

Everyone procrastinates but the only difference between highly effective and low effective people lays on the choices of what to do first based on relevancy and importance. You have to train yourself to weight the consequences and importance of doing a task/project or not. Does it have immediate consequences? Is it going to have a moderate or tremendous positive or negative impact? All those considerations are very important when choosing what to do first, second and third if at all. Therefore, you should always consider those aspects based on how immediate and beneficial it is going to impact you.

4. Plan each day in advance

you should always take some time to plan the next day and evaluate your goals and tasks that needs to get done to reach those goals. It is very important how you begin the day as starting the day with an important task/project and getting that done or partially done will increase your productivity level throughout the day if maintained the same mentality.

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