My First Week Of School Was An Interesting One

First week and weekend of classes off a summer of life change. I am not an athlete anymore so I have a bunch of free time on my hands that I am not sure what to do with just yet. I still have the same friends I did when school ended...or so I thought. I have a strong church community with an amazing life group to help me with everything.

My first week of classes went very well. To start off can I get a high five for being on time, cause if you know me you know I can stroll in late because I make a pit stop at Starbucks to give me that caffeine boost I "need." I like all my professors which is rare because there has always been one that just shows no interest in their teaching or just doesn't care. You know the one who just shows up and goes through the slides and gives you points just for breathing and being in your seat, yeah those ones.

On the other side of things, I have lost some friends, which is crazy. It is nuts how you can be close with someone and then the next they hardly talk to you. I stopped putting in effort into people where I was not getting it back. It's like just because I am not with someone 24/7 they can't talk to me anymore. I am always the one texting first, or reaching out in some way first but when they see me around campus it's the "Oh my goodness I haven't talked to you in so long," well maybe if you would learn to text or call someone back you would know what is going on in my life.

Life is very interesting and has an interesting way of working itself out. Now don't get me wrong there are still some people in my life that I came into college with that I have friendships with still but the other ones, it is almost as if we never met and I guess that is just what is going to be which sucks sometimes but I picked my head up and move on.

A saying that has always stuck with me is "Either I grow with you or I outgrow you. I'm not standing still for anyone."

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