Fallen into place like snow in outer space

You found a place on my face that you said can never be replaced
And after all this time we only made it to third base
Now whenever we talk or embrace I only see your straight face

You said “Babe I know what we had but see we’re running out of time, cause when my girl comes back around you can’t be my partner in crime.”

Spaceships and comic strips
Championships or the apocalypse
Soft lips down to your fingertips
Oh honey, didn’t we have a great time?

You were my shooting star that boomed across the sky
We used to run all around and smoke and get high
Everyday you swear to me you’re not a bad guy
It seems like forever since you hung me out to dry

Confused looks and evil crooks
Captain Hook in our storybook
We had a wonderland together and I thought that you were mine
Wow honey, I guess we had a great time.