When Will It Be Enough, America?
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When Will It Be Enough, America?

We need to find an end to gun violence.

When Will It Be Enough, America?

We all know the tragic, disturbing, heart-wrenching incident that took place on the 12th of June, at approximately 2 a.m., in Orlando, Florida. It was proven to be the biggest mass shooting in American history, with over 100 casualties, including half of them to be fatal.

But, I am not here to discuss the information about this event, and I am not here to discuss the chilling facts about the gunman, or how he pledged his allegiance to ISIS on the 911 phone-call. I refuse to put energy towards a hate crime that leaves loved ones grieving for the rest of their lives, to give any attention to any person who has deliberately taken human-beings from this planet, and any other person who has purposely fired a gun, in the soul purpose of causing harm. People as mentally unstable as this want to be remembered for such violent acts, so I refuse to give them that credit.

It is days like this where I find myself wondering why someone feels that taking innocent lives is the answer to their problems, and why they feel validated that killing results in some type of justice.

Why do people in our country continue to turn to violence as an answer again and again when we know the repercussions?

Haven't we had enough mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and suicides to know that the mental state of our country is plummeting?

When will it be enough, America?

Sandy Hook?

Boston Marathon Bombings?

Columbine High School?

Isla Vista Shootings?

Arapahoe High School?

Virginia Tech Massacre?

and now...

Orlando Night Club Shooting--still not enough.

When will it be enough, America?

Angry civilians and students continue to open-fire in public areas; like, high schools, universities, shopping malls, movie theaters, churches and as of today.. night clubs. Places like this should not have civilians questioning if they are going to be gunned down trying to go to class, places like this are supposed to be safe.

Many may wonder: "Why do we let guns into the hands of such a dangerous person?"

But this is not the question that is going to give us answers. We need to look at the root of the problem.

WHY are we letting people become so dangerous to the point where our country has to question our 2nd amendment, because people are abusing their rights.

When will it be enough, America?

WHY does this continue to happen when we all know how preventable it is?

WHY do we still not have a solution, America?

Truth be told, I do not know if there is a solution, yet. I do not know how to help people who are mentally ill, I do not know how to help sociopaths not want to kill people, and I do not know how to convince people not to take their own lives. How can I, one member of society, help angry, rage-filled, hate-driven people who can't see another option, besides mass-murder?

When will it be enough, America?

But, one thing I do know how to do is talk, write, communicate- talk about the things that society is afraid of, talk about the instability of our mental health. Acknowledge the fact that America has some serious mental health issues that we are not addressing, but we need to learn how, fast because we cannot afford lose another brother, sister, parent, or friend.

When will it be enough, America?

People do not deserve to die due to the instability of other people's mental health.

I am sad that this is what our reality is. I am sad that people feel so alone and superior that killing is their solution. I am sad that people do not get to live out the rest of their lives because of someone else's fatal decision. But, mostly, I am sad because after each shooting, we continue to see that it is not enough.

This is not a gun problem, this is a people-problem, and it starts with the mental health of our country.

So, America, when will it be enough?

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