Whenever I'm driving anywhere - whether it's long distance or right down the road - I have a problem with constantly thinking.

Sometimes it can get bad and I don't even notice, but that is just when everything in my brain starts moving. I mean obviously I'm always thinking of things just like everyone is.

The other day I was thinking, no idea why, but it just popped into my head: What if tomorrow I was to get hit by a car and no longer have the use of my legs?

And then I began to imagine and picture that what if I got in a big car accident and died on impact? Would I be happy with how I left my life? Would I come back one day as a totally different person but cry all the time about my past life and the life I left behind in this world? Do you ever think about that?

I always try and live everyday as if it were my last. That's probably the best way to go through life these days because it's true, we don't know when our last day will be. We are all constantly complaining, fighting, and taking advantage of the things that we have. I am lucky to be a healthy and reasonable weight that I'm okay with (although I could work out some more). I have full use of my legs, my arms, my fingers, my brain.

Seriously, though, think of how lucky you are if you have all the things I have. Some people can't walk and do amazing things with their lives every day. It makes me wonder, the day that I die will I be satisfied and die happy? Because in the end all the materialistic bullsh*t you can't even take with you when you go. We can maybe throw them in your casket with you but I bet you they won't make the trip.

I feel like most of the time we are worrying and focusing on things that don't matter in the end, at least to me.

I think if you have someone you love and care for, you should let them know that every single day. Even if they are sick of hearing it, it's just the truth. I mean, seriously, if you were to die tomorrow, just let that sit in your mind for a few.

Would you be proud of what you have accomplished in your life? Maybe you have helped yourself a little bit more than others or focus on others more than yourself. I mean, don't get me wrong, it is constantly a hard life, sometimes it may be hard to even get out of bed... Trust me, I get it, I have those days too.

What I have realized, lately, even though I still have those days where I'm stressed and maybe a little depressed and just sleep, is that if you just sit down and think about what you want in this life, you realize you don't have a lot of time. I am only 20 and I probably have a bunch of time to do a bunch of things but, as I said before, do I?

I don't know if I do or I don't - I will do my best to live my life to the fullest, help as many people as I can, including myself. Love everyone to the fullest even when they have done me wrong, I will overlook their stupidity or their reasoning behind it and allow them to live their life as they wish. I think it is time to forgive and forget, I am not going to waste my life pondering on what could have been, or why people are the way they are. I mean, I'm not perfect, but maybe someday, if I work hard enough in my life, I can be close to it... Close to my ideal perfect because in the end, it is just us by ourselves, unfortunately, and our opinion on ourselves is the only one that matters.

I am sure you are all doing great in your lives - if not, you will get there.

Don't worry, have faith, and trust in yourself that you can do it; because you can do it. We are all capable of so much more than we lead on; we just get a little lazy. Let's make something of ourselves in this world, let's make it a better world.

Be proud of who you are, what you stand for, where you came from and where your going. Love the ones in your life with all your heart because maybe they will travel on your path with you. Just never forget that it is your path in your life - you can make it super narrow or as wide as it can be, we choose who we want in it and how we want to travel on it. Whether you decide to walk or run do it with your mind set on one goal or a million goals.

That's my plan, now what's yours?