Looking at all of the advancements made in technology is mind blowing. Some of it really is what people thought of for the future when they thought of flying cars and talking robots. It’s absolutely incredible. Incredible, but when does it become too much? When do things become a want and not a need, or not even a want any more at all? We are living in a society of cyber zombies dependent on their 4.5 by 2.5 inch screens. I’m just as guilty as the next gal. Because of these fascinating devices we are much more likely to stay in on the internet than to do everyday activities that involve human interaction. There are even apps now that force a phone call to a voicemail so you don't even have to risk the person answering for a conversation. These are skills and communication techniques that we need as millennials, and just as humans in our society today that is no longer something that is taught or expected. Instead of grabbing a good book at a library or bookstore and taking it out into the world, we shut ourselves inside staring at glowing screens that now replace the flipping of pages. Most of what we mindlessly scroll through is more negative than positive I’d like to mention. That one hits closest to home for an avid reader such as myself. Being social and putting yourself out in the world present far more opportunities than one can even imagine. The possibilities are endless. Jobs, relationships, new experiences. But everything is accessible with a swipe of a finger in as many different ways that you can think of. You want a movie? It’s right there on your screen. You need a new top? Endless websites can gives you it to you for a discount. Want a date for this weekend? There’s an app for that! We’re living in a world where, even if we consider doing it in person, it’s been made to seem easier to just do it from your phone. Wanting to explore everything around you and talk to people surrounding you has now become out of the norm. Why is it that people who prefer paper backs books and calling or meeting up to experience things in the real world are now labeled as “old souls”. In a world made up of faces glued to screens, can you break free of the stereotypes and bring life back into our world?