Modanisa Setting a Wave of Hijab Fashion Globally

Modanisa Setting a Wave of Hijab Fashion Globally

"Our focus is to make women feel much Better": Spread of Islamic Fashion

Istanbul is making its way towards growing as a hub of fashion for the Muslims, a vision that reflects the amount to which the culture of Turkey is undergoing a change of paradigm under the rule of Erdogan which is thought to be influenced by the Islamic ideology.

Previously, under Turkey's hard-line secular system that was under the influence of the British, the abaya or hijab, was viewed as a sign of backwardness and illegal in government schools and offices.

But under the Islamist rule now, wearing an abaya is no longer seen as being backward and the Muslim women wearing the hijab are not seen as being oppressed by the Muslim men. In fact, wearing hijab and abaya is seen as a statement of freedom by the Muslim women. In such a scenario, we saw the rise of Modanisa that is providing a service where Muslim women across the globe can buy an abaya online within the comforts of their home just using the internet.

"Everyone was like, 'Muslim business? "' Said Kerim Ture, a former technician business executive that presently runs the Muslim fashion home Modanisa. Situated in Istanbul, Modanisa has become the symbol of hijab fashion for Muslims globally.

"Our focus is to make women feel much better," he clarified. "To feel the glamour and the glow inside, even when they are covered."

Mr. Ture said he did not come from a particularly spiritual household, but he does support the vision and policies of Tayyib Erdogan. "My mother has always been covered," he explained. "But my sister's doesn't use an abaya. It is a Turkish family."

The elaborate affair held at the railway station was the town's first such occasion. Designers from throughout the Islamic world introduced their collections there. However, the vast majority of the versions in the show weren't Muslim.

A small set of conservative Muslims protested outside the venue. One of the protesters told the gathering that according to the Quranic injunctions the Muslim women should be veiled, and he supposes that hukm (commandment) of Allah has become "a tool for immorality in the name of fashion and style."

Apparently, the reason for contention was that a few of the clothing exhibited appeared to push conventional borders: somewhat form-fitting shirts, a little skin here, a plunging neckline there. And this is not what Muslims consider an appropriate way of covering according to the commandments of Islam.

As the market for couture Islamic clothes has grown in recent times, mainstream designers are also jumping in to become a part of the trend. To sum it up, it appears that the hijab fashion trend is picking up beginning to challenge the mainstream ideals of liberty and more and more women are feeling comfortable in not revealing their skin to the general public.

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'Better Call Saul' Is Helping Fill The Void That 'Breaking Bad' Left Us With

Vince Gilligan does it again.


'Breaking Bad' is my favorite show of all time. I'm in love with nearly everything about it. The authenticity that the actors bring to their characters, the pacing of the show, the superb writing and the dark themes that are all too real in the world we live in and all drew me in to the show and kept me hooked. After finishing the show several years ago, I was left with a void.

I've since found good shows, but not too many shows even are worth mentioning in the same breath, save for 'Mad Men,' 'Parks and Rec' and maaaaybe 'Dexter.' While those three shows all have their own special place in my heart, I was looking for something closer to what 'Breaking Bad' provided me with. Then I made a fantastic discovery: Vince Gilligan, the creator of BB, made a spin-off origin story featuring Bob Odenkirk's fan favorite character, Saul Goodman. I found my new binge-worthy show.

The story follows Odenkirk's character, Jimmy McGill (later to be known as Saul), a former con-man who is morally flexible and is now a fast-talking two-bit lawyer whose office is a tiny closet in the back of a nail salon. His older brother, Chuck (Michael McKean) is one of the most well respected lawyers in the country, a brilliant senior partner at a top law firm in Albuquerque.

Unfortunately for Chuck, he believes he has recently contracted a condition that makes him extremely sensitive to electromagnetic hypersensitivity, meaning he can't be in the presence of cell phones, light bulbs, computers, etc. This means an extended hiatus from work. The tumultuous relationship between the brothers is the driving force of the show and Odenkirk and McKean have tremendous chemistry.

'Better Call Saul' also brings in many familiar faces from 'BB.' Mike Ehrmantraut, Gus Fring, Tuco and Hector Salamanca, just to name a few. Also in effect are the great cinematography, music and visuals in general that helped set 'BB' apart as an artistic masterpiece. Combine that with the wonderful storytelling and compelling characters, 'Better Call Saul' comes very close stylistically.

Although 'Better Call Saul' falls slightly short of the long shadow that 'BB' casts, it has enough of the same elements to more than make up for that.

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