Our Crazy Mall Trip
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Our Crazy Mall Trip

It is the first time 4 friends and I are going to the mall together. What could go wrong? Turns out a lot.


I will never forget the time when I went to the mall with my 4 friends, Vito, Rob, Matthew, and Vincenzo. We have been to the mall without parents a couple of times before but there were only 2 or 3 of us at a time, not 5. Always when we all get together a lot of shenanigans happen and we often argue and this time was definitely no exception.

In the beginning the trip was going fine. We all behaved and we just had a meal at Red Robin but when we left Red Robin that's where we started to misbehave. Matthew and Vincenzo had to use the bathroom but Vito, Rob, and I decided that we should start walking without them. This didn't cause much trouble since they quickly caught up to us but this started a cycle of us leaving each other behind.

Next, Matthew, Vincenzo, and I decided to leave Rob and Vito behind and go to another store. It was at this moment where we turned this habit into a game. We were laughing at how Rob and Vito were looking for us. We even ran away from them and tried hiding in a shoe store, we almost got in trouble for that.

Then we tried to leave Vito all by himself by running into sears but he saw us and followed us. In sears we tried to hide from him by going behind the beds but he found us. We then got yelled at for sitting on the beds since we were tired of running.

While we were in sears we decided to buy something for our friend Michael who wasn't able to make it to the mall with us. Michael is mostly Matthew's friend and according to Matthew, Michael always had an excuse not to hang out. We decided that we wanted to buy him something that would piss him off. I thought that a Baltimore Ravens hat would be nice since he is a Steelers fan but we didn't want to spend $30. So instead we bought him $1 Hershey's kiss lipstick and wrapped it in a piece of looseleaf with a drawing of a penis on it.

After that endeavor we decided to look for Rob's girlfriend since she posted on Instagram a few hours ago that she was going to the mall. I really wanted to meet her but unfortunately she left before we even got there and we spent about 30 minutes looking for her. While looking I flattered Rob by saying "Wow Rob, it's getting hot in here, that means your girlfriend must be close by".

Then we gave up and started leaving each other behind again. We were passing by CVS and I was really thirsty and I told Vito that maybe we should get drinks. Then Vito and I walked towards the refrigerators and I admired the drinks for a second and I wished that I could have one but the line was very long. Then Vito and I left CVS and of course our friends left us behind. I didn't mind this though. I thought it was very funny and it was finally my turn to get left behind or "lost" as Matthew called it.

Vito and I eventually caught up and then what happened next was the big split up. Matt, Vincenzo, and I thought it would be really funny if we left Vito behind again, but this time actually succeed at it, so we started walking really fast and we went in a different direction than Vito. Rob didn't want Vito to be left alone so he started to turn back but we pressured him into following us and then Vito was left all alone.

What made this such a big deal was that Vito didn't have his cell phone on him and we left him in the huge, crowded mall all by himself and he had no way to contact us. As we were walking we were laughing at how Vito must be looking everywhere for us. But then the reality of what we did hit me.

What if something happened to him? What if we can't find him? How would we explain this to our parents? We are supposed to be his friends and we do this to him? Then I said "Guys we have to find Vito. Matt and Vincenzo scope out the top floor, Rob and I will scope out the bottom floor. We have to find Vito. What we did was really mean".

As Matt and Vincenzo were going up the escalator Vito found Rob and I. Vito said "Guys where were you, I was yelling Peter, Rob, Vincenzo, Matt, why the fuck did you leave me?". We just giggled to each other as he whined about it.

Then came time to leave but even this had to be an argument too. We couldn't decide on what exit Vito's mom would pick us up at. Matthew, Rob, and I thought that we were going to be picked up by the same entrance that we were dropped off from (near Red Robin, JC Penny, Sears) but Vito and Vincenzo were thinking of this other entrance that, according to them, were near the same buildings but on the other side of the mall.

So then the 5 of us got into this loud argument outside of the mall. Vito kept mentioning that his entrance was near Red Robin and JC Penny even though we were standing right next to them. Matthew said "Is there another JC Penny too now". I kept saying that there is no other entrance and that Vito was making it all up. Rob and Vito even got into a mini fist fight. Then Vito and Vincenzo decided to go to their mysterious other entrance and then Matthew, Rob, and I decided to follow. I just really wanted to see what entrance they were talking about.

But then Rob's mom called and she was at the other entrance ready to pick him up. Rob turned around and headed the other way and I decided to follow him because I didn't want to leave a friend all alone again. Matthew almost followed us but he decided to stick with Vito and Vincenzo and they went to the wrong entrance.

Then Rob and I got in his mom's car and she got worried about the other guys and she called Vito's mom immediately. Vito's mom came to pick us up and I got in her car and awaited for the three fools to make their way to the correct entrance and get in the car.

Once they got in the car, Matthew, Vincenzo, and I erupted in laughter at Vito over the fact that Vito was wrong about the entrance and how he got left behind the most times and was all by himself. Matthew said "Haha Vito you were wrong" and "I got lost once, Peter got lost once, Vincenzo got lost 1, Rob got lost once, and Vito got lost FOUR times". Vito said "Shut up Matt, it's not funny". Matthew said "Sorry Vito. I wanted to go back for you but I didn't want it to affect my lost percentage.". And we all laughed as Vito was pouting over how mean we were to him. And we all went home and so concluded our first huge mall trip.

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