Our Darkest Hour
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Our Darkest Hour

The only thing we have is hope.

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Where do we go from here? Will we ever be normal again?

Will we ever get the joy of a spring day out with our friends? Will there ever be another full bar flowing with laughs and drinks?

Have we taken our time on this earth for granted? Perhaps this was our taste of the good life before having the rug pulled out from beneath our feet?

Is it our time to pay the piper? Will there ever be funerals for all of those who lost their lives?

How many more people will perish before it has run its course? Is anyone safe?

Is no one safe? Is the young immune? Are the old unimmune?

Is this nature thinning the herd? Or preparing us for something darker and more sinister? Will there be another outbreak?

How will we help the poor? Why are we ignoring that the rich will continue to thrive, getting everything they want and more behind closed doors?

How will this affect our election? Will it affect our election?

How many more leaves do we have on the tree of life? Did Eve take another bite of the apple? Did Adam reach in-front of her to take it for himself?

Am I safe? Are my neighbors safe? Will the money they give us be enough? Is it not even close to a suitable amount?

Isn't this why we vote? Isn't our government supposed to help us? Isn't this why we pay taxes?

Are we bound to being forever indoors?

Will people revolt? Will people loot? Will people riot?

Should I own a gun? Do I need a gun?

Can we recover? What will happen next?

Where do we go from here? Is this real life…?

Whatever happens, life will be different. The only thing we have is hope.

Hope that we will all stay home, so one day we will be able to return to our lives with a different perspective. A perspective that we should socialize more. That we should all treat each other better.

Stress the importance of good hygiene. Value all our days on this earth. Hug our loved ones a little tighter. Go out on the rainy days, bathe in the sunshine of a summer day.

Be more productive in our spare time. Cherish the ability to get up and go to work.

Apologize for the people we have wronged. Go to the gym to get in better shape. Cook more meals at home. Give our sweethearts more love and affection.

Shed light on what it means to be poor in America. Build more relationships with people we normally wouldn't associate ourselves with. Take a walk instead of a drive. Lend a hand to those in need.

Realize that we do not need to run out to get a gun at the first sign of danger. Know that our government will give us the support we need as citizens.

Get out in the streets to protest our social causes. Understand that with all hardships and challenges in life, there is a window of opportunity to improve.

The answer to the most important question is, we will recover. And we will be stronger.

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