College Life Is Not Easy, Here Is Some Advice On The "Tough" Stuff And How To Get Through It

College Life Is Not Easy, Here Is Some Advice On The "Tough" Stuff And How To Get Through It

And other great qualities to have while living with others...

A lot of things have come to my mind lately. Since it is my second semester of college, I want to give some advice for those who are having the same struggles or are dealing with similar things that I and many others are at the moment. I'm going to go ahead and say it, ROOMMATES. We can live with them but we could live without them too. I don't mean that in a harsh way. To be honest, I love my roommate. She is a wonderful person but just like every other person on this planet, we have our flaws. We are stuck in a room with each other for 10 months, seeing each other 24/7. Yes there are breaks within the time you are at school where you don't see them, but let's face it, we spend a lot of time together. Recently, my friends and I have talked about the struggles of having a roommate. Below is a list of things to work on, to avoid, and to do while you are living with someone for school or just in general.

1. Clean Up After Yourself! I cannot stress this enough. We are in college. We are adults. You should be able to keep your desk somewhat presentable or throw your left over Popeyes away.

2. Respect Each Others Boundaries. Respect is earned not given. It is very important to have enough respect for one another especially in a dorm room. Respect them as a person, their belongings, and when they need time for themselves. You know when someone is in a mood and needs to be left alone, just do it. They will do the same for you.

3. Do Your Share! You and your roommate might be total opposites especially when it comes to cleaning. Personally, I clean our dorm room every weekend. I Lysol it down and sometimes vacuum when i feel like it. My roommate only cleans her side of the room, we established this early on. Yes, it gets on my nerves sometimes but I live with it (literally). Establishing who cleans or having a calendar for alternate weeks, will keep you two from fussing about who takes the trash out next or who pays for the vacuum at the front desk.

4. Talk It Out. If you have a problem with whoever you are living with, talk it out. Do not sit there and dwell on their reaction or what you are going to say. Say it in a respectful manner and then you two can deal with it. Unspoken words are just that, unspoken. Talk to each other and come to a compromise.

5. Encourage Each Other. Be encouraging to one another. You may not agree on most things, but being able to help motivate each other is very helpful in the long run.

6. LET THEM KNOW. I know someone close to me that has this problem. Their roommate never lets them know when that "someone" is coming over and they end up walking in on them. Sex is a natural thing but we do not wanna watch you or hear you. You have each others numbers, text them and let them know. We do not want to see you or that person in some weird position you learned online. Just simply text them. That is all we are asking!

7. Tone It Down. Be aware of sharing the room with someone else. Respect your roommates time in the room because it is theirs just as much as it is yours. Do not have significant others or friends over 24/7. Consult with each other about who can come over and if they can stay the night. The worst thing is when your roommate has someone over when you are trying to study, do homework, or taking a nap. To avoid this, talk to one another and let them know. Communication is key!

These are just a few tips to consider when you are living with another person. I understand some living situations are different, people are different, and sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just seem to never get along. There are other ways to deal with that and that is to talk to your RA or consult your Residents Life Office and fill out a form to move. People come in all shapes, sizes, and everything in between. It does not take a lot to accept one another and be patient. Talk it out, respect one another, and get through whatever you are getting through.

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A Letter To The Mean Girls In High School

You're not as cool as you thought

Dear mean girls from high school,

How are you? I hope you're well, but not that well. I'm writing this letter to tell you a few things.

We spent our days passing in the high school hallways, sitting in class together, and sitting near each other at the long, dirty, sticky lunch tables. You used to be my friends. Little did I know you were the complete opposite. It's funny how the people you think you're closest to are the ones who are actually your arch enemies. I know this now, and I thank you for teaching me how to spot your breed in college, because now I can avoid wasting time on people like you.

Luckily, you didn't make high school all that bad for me. You just helped me find my lifelong friends. I hope you found people like yourself at college, and have realized that talking about people and spreading rumors is actually not that cool. You can't even put it on your resume so what's the point? It's even more funny to look back at this now, because their way of life is totally changed once you get to college. It's every mean girl's worst nightmare. There's no friend group that's more popular than the other, and people don't have time to waste on trying to impress you to make you like them. People like you fed off of that feeling in high school, and now you're starving, because no one's going for that kind of bait anymore.

I can't sit with you? NO problem.

In reality, no one is better than anyone else, and that is something I learned as soon as I walked up to get my diploma in that cap and gown, and I hope you guys have learned that by now too.

You don't like my outfit?

My hair is curled badly?

Well, you've just waisted some precious oxygen and time by saying that, and have also waisted some brain power by even bothering to think it because quite frankly, I don't care.

I am a firm believer in what is called Karma, and that right there is what helped me laugh off the whispers I constantly saw, or the conversations I overheard discussing your plans for the weekend, which by the way, didn't involve anything exciting. I can guarantee those snapchat stories you put up made it look more fun than it seemed. I've been a part of it before, and your type of friend group does not know what fun is.

It's always hard to criticize the mean girls, because hey, they're perfect right? Kidding. It's hard to criticize you because no one really knows what's going on at home, or behind the scenes. Most girls like you cause problems, start rumors, and fail to make others feel comfortable in their own school environment is because of your own insecurities, and I'm sorry about that, but please stop making us confident people feel otherwise.

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Well, it's been nice. See ya never, from yours truly,


Cover Image Credit: msmojo

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