I Wish My Big Ten School Was Known For Education, Not Football

I Wish My Big Ten School Was Known For Education, Not Football

College football is great, but education is the reason that most students choose their university.


College football is a big deal to lots of universities. At schools like Ohio State, it is a really big deal. Although I personally don't care about football, I think that it is a great way to build a sense of community and camaraderie among students. It is fun, gives many schools a worldwide presence, and allows us students to have a sense of overwhelming pride in our school.

I just don't want that pride to outweigh the pride in the education itself. Unless you're a football player, you go to college primarily to learn and build your future. Football is fun, but sometimes I wish that society associates my school with an education rather than a single sport.

I cannot count the number of times that I told people that I go to OSU, and they responded by saying something along the lines of "Oh no, I'm a Michigan fan!" If they're referring to how The University of Michigan has some academic programs that are usually ranked higher than those at Ohio State, then I wouldn't blame them. Heck, it is ignorant not to acknowledge the truth in that-- if Michigan hadn't cost a thousand times more than what I'm paying now, I honestly might have chosen to be a student there.

Back to the point, though. I'm proud to go to OSU. At this time in life, I wouldn't want to be going anywhere else. Attending a school known for football was ultimately my decision, but that factor itself wasn't the reason. Admittedly, since I started college, I came to realize that all students aren't as football-crazy as I anticipated. One game day when I was studying in the library, a handful of guys came in yelling "OH" and expecting an "IO" back. They were met with silence until someone studying a few floors above them shouted back "F*** off!"

That story always reminds me that big schools like Ohio State really are for everyone. OSU excels in its education and wide variety of extracurricular opportunities. I don't love my school because of football-- I love my school because of the challenging academics, amazing faculty, and strong community. I think that it is time for the general public to see it that way too.

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17 Things UA Students Take For Granted But Are Honestly #Blessed To Have

Take advantage of everything college has to offer because after graduation, life will never be the same.


College is one of the best times of your life. You get to do so many things you might not go anywhere else. You get to experience freedom unlike any you have had before. College is literally the one time in your life you get to decide what you want to do when you want to do it, and how you want to do it. Take advantage of every single one of the things college has to offer because after graduation life will never be the same.

1. The Amount of Free Stuff

Free food, free clothes, free concerts, endless amounts of free stuff. Rarely in the real world will you ever get the amount of free stuff you do in college.

2. Sports Tickets at a Discount 


If you go to a big university where tickets can cost hundreds of dollars, as a college student you get them at an amazing rate and sometimes even for free.

3. Free Parties 

Almost all parties in college are free and if you are lucky there will be free alcohol too. Good luck finding all that in the real world.

4. Making Your Own Schedule 

You have complete control over absolutely everything in your life, where you want to go and when you want to go. After graduation, you will have someone else telling you where to go and when so enjoy the control while you still have it.

5. Nap Time

The infamous nap time, we hated it when we were younger, but now we live for it and after just 4 short years we will be giving it up once again.

6. Going Out Whenever You Want

Want to go to cookout at 2 a.m. because you don't have class until 1 p.m.? Go for it, there is no one can stop you except for you.

7. Being Around Your Friends 24/7

You are constantly surrounded by people in college and continuously making new friends but one day you will all go your separate ways and the real world will get real lonely real quick.

8. Getting to Live With Your Best Friends 

Now yes you can still live with your best friends after you graduate but when you're in college you will have similar schedules after graduation things will change and you won't get to be around them as much.

9. Connections to Industry Professionals 

If you get involved in your college and take advantage of all the opportunities they provide you can get connected to people who have already made it big in your career and get advice straight from professionals.

10. Opportunities for Internships 

A lot of colleges offer internships within the school or with outside companies while still in school. So even if you fail or hate your internships you still have time to change your major and figure out what you want to do with your life.

11. The Endless Amount of New Experiences and Opportunities 

If you look or even just get involved College can offer you an endless amount of opportunities to help you to grow and make the most of your collegiate career and it is a time to try new things you wouldn't before and do it all for free!!

12. Being Allowed to Make Mistakes Without it Ruining Your Life

You still have time to find your footing and figure out what you want to do with your life, without it ruining everything. College is getting us ready to be successful and to survive the adult world and now is the time to trip up and make mistakes to some extent, nothing too wild now.

13. Life Long Memories 

You will make some of your best memories in college because there are so many opportunities to do what you want to and the opportunity to go on wild adventures.

14. New Friends 

You will make more friends in college then you will in your entire life. It is ridiculous but it is because everyone is looking for friends.

15. Wearing Whatever You Want

Want to wear yoga pants and an over sized t-shirt with two different socks sandals and a messy bun? Go for it, no one cares, you do you boo.

16. Eating Whatever You Want

There is no on telling you what you can and can't eat or how much? Dinning halls are buffets, take advantage of it.

17. Freedom but Without All the Adult Responsibilities 

You get all the freedom you want with no adult responsibility. You get to do whatever you want and live your best life and not have to worry about anything when you go home.

Enjoy these years while you can because before you know it you will be in the real world!

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10 Stages Everyone Who Has An 8 A.M. Class Goes Through Before They Roll Out Of Bed

I have to get up at WHAT time?


I have had two 8 a.m. classes in my college career--and I hope that I never have to take one ever again. They really are the worst things you can take, even worse than a late night class. I have compiled a few stages that I know everyone goes through during the time of their 8 a.m. class.

1. Shocked that you actually have an 8 a.m.


I know that this was me when I realized that the only time I could take a required class was at 8 in the morning. I thought that the system was joking with me and just wanted me to suffer. I kept searching and checking everyday to see if another one was going to open up, even though three weeks of school had gone by.

2. Denying that you actually need that class and actually have to go to pass


As soon as my teacher said that attendance was mandatory, my heart was crushed. I couldn't believe that he would make attendance mandatory on a MWF class. Three days a week, I have to be up at 7 in the morning and be functioning like a normal person.

3. The pain of waking up every other day


I have been going to this class and every time I have to go, it is a pain that I can feel in the back of my eyes. I contemplate everyday not going because of how painful it is to go to a class where we read things off a powerpoint.

4. The guilt of wanting to not go and going and realizing that you could have slept in and read the powerpoint yourself


I always feel like my body is guilting me when we realize that all we've done today is read off a powerpoint, which I'm pretty sure I can do by myself. I feel my body being angry when it makes me almost fall asleep in class.

5. You bargain with yourself everyday that you could miss just one class and be fine


I would always hope that my conscious would let me skip my class, but because I am the person that hates being late, let alone missing a class.

6. Reflecting on the fact that you've done nothing new in a week


I swear that we do the same thing everyday in that class. We just keep going over and going over the same thing.

7. The upward turn when you feel more awake after having an 8 a.m. class


For about a week, I felt more awake and like I was getting more done every day. That slowly went away...

8. Reconstructing your life to make your 8 a.m. make more sense


I wake up everyday and I cross a day off of my calendar and I subtract a day from the countdown.

9. Accepting the fact that this is for the ENTIRE semester and not just for now


I think that I just have to accept that I have this class and there's no way of getting out of it.

10. The hope that you have everyday that it is going to be cancelled


Even though I know that I will have the class every day, I still have high hopes that it will be cancelled everyday.

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