I pulled up to my friend's apartment around 8 o'clock to cook dinner with her and then finish up some homework and watch a movie. The plan was to leave around 1:30am, but I guess that when my friend said to park anywhere, it definitely didn't mean everywhere.

I started to get texts from my mom around 1am that something is wrong with my car, due to a tracking system that my parents had installed in my car - back in high school to prevent me from lying on where I was going…

I went downstairs to go check on my car and walking up to the parking garage, my car was not in the spot I had parked in and in fact, another car was parked in its place! I was freaking out!

What do I do? Where did it go? Why did that A-hole have to call and tow my car? Doesn't he realize how much money it is to get it back?! I'm balling on a college budget here!

Thankfully, the tracker on my car told me the location of my car. With one hand holding my phone with my mom on speaker freaking out and yelling at me, and the other hand holding my friend's phone with the GPS, we head out around 1:45am to go find my car.

The weird part is that there were no signs in the parking garage about "No Parking, Residents Only" or any signs about a towing company and who I should call! And if there were signs, there was none in front of the spot I parked in.

My friends and I pull up to this very sketchy area, not knowing what to do. Looking up all the towing companies around, we called this one place and was told that "they don't do tow away, so it wasn't them". Freaking out because frankly, I thought they were lying because my tracker led me to their lot.

Now that I think that this half-asleep person on the phone lied to me, I hang up with my mom and call my dad.

I had to pull out the big guns now.

He told me to call the police and tell them that my car was stolen due to the nonexistent signs about towing, and say that you are in a sketchy area where my car is and that I'm scared.

Seems plausible right? Wrong.

The operator for 911 talked to me in a very condescending voice saying "Ma'am your car has not been stolen, it's been towed". This made me feel incredibly stupid. So, I called the number the operator told me to call, and got confirmation of my car's location being in the lot next to that creepy half-asleep guy that I thought was lying the whole time, and that they would be able to release it at 3am. We called at 2am, but the tow guy was across town towing another car and wouldn't be back for another hour.

So, we sat in my friend's car waiting. She even saw across the street that there were goats in a closed off fence, under the sign poultry and started to cry. It was really late and we were all tired. We all were talking about how we should leave a note on the A-hole's car who got me towed with some choice words. We talked about how we will figure out who it is and have a "chat" with them. And we even talked about calling a tow company on them…how that would work, we didn't know.

Finally, 3am came around and I picked up my car after paying $125 and cursing up a storm, we asked the tow guy a couple of questions about that A-hole. Figured out he was a guy and a lot of people have parked in his spot and he was nice about it for a while, but I guess it was my car that pushed him past his limit. Just my luck!

Concluding, we went back to my friend's apartment around 4am, we finished our movie and we didn't do anything to the supposed "A-hole". Sadly.

Thank you for reading this tragedy of mine, my first piece actually!

I'll be writing again soon!