1. Because of the three main food groups... white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate

2. Because eating fudge should be a New Year's Resolution. That way you know you'll fulfill at least one.

3. In case you ever feel glum about heading back to classes. Nobody is glum when there's chocolate.

4. Because inside, it makes us feel sweet and happy... like gingerbread men.

5. Because of the exams you will have to take next semester. Remember: fudge is always the answer.

6. Because chocolate is good for your heart.

7. No, really. Chocolate is made from beans... and beans are good for your heart.

8. Because you can design your own fudge. Talk about developing creative skills in 2017.

9. Because it's not Thanksgiving. But turkeys are just fantastic.

10. Because even after the holidays, you know you always want s'more (some more) fudge.

11. Because you know, deep down in your heart, that you are in denial of the holidays being over already.

12. But fudge is basically its own holiday.

13. Because 2017 is going to be your year. You're going to buckle down, set your goals straight, and accomplish all that you thought you would, and more. You deserve to treat yourself!!!

For fudge, visit The Fantastic Fudge Factory. Order predesigned or design your own.