Poetry on Odyssey: Orbits
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Poetry on Odyssey: Orbits

A love poem for my other half.

Poetry on Odyssey: Orbits

A love poem, because I get to see my fiance again in just a couple days. People think it's a little bit weird that we are engaged now, part-way through college with a year and a half wait before our wedding. We've been asked a couple times why we didn't wait a little longer.

But the truth is I am so glad we got engaged. Our relationship has grown so much, and it is incredible to be able to plan our future together and know that we're working toward our goals and making our dreams happen in every way that we can. My fiance is such an important person in my life, and being engaged has been so fun and enlightening and strengthening and encouraging and just great in every way.

He has taught me to think more and to smile more, and he has always been such an amazing encouragement as I try to figure out what it means to be a writer. I feel like the longer we are together the more I learn about him, but also about myself.

Here is a poem that captures all of those feelings:

Because when we exist
nothing else counts.
We are just two hearts
picking our own galaxies
while I give the telescope to you
and let you choose constellations.

I didn't know existed
until you
taught me how to count
the stars of the galaxy
of my heart.

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