In dating, we often look for our perfect match. We go out looking for a “soul mate,” someone that likes all the things we like and shares our interests. While having everything line up is nice, sometimes mixing it up is more exciting.

In this case, opposites really DO attract.

Here are the benefits of dating your polar opposite!

They’ll challenge you.

Sometimes the best way to really gain perspective in the world is by talking with someone that isn’t afraid to disagree with you. Sometimes you might have to agree to disagree, but nothing really makes you smarter and more understanding than learning that it’s OK to be different.

You’ll enhance your communication skills.

Opposites tend to have very different ideas about communication. While this may pose some fights at times, it can also strengthen relationships. You’ll learn how the other person communicates and find ways to make it jive with your own. In the end, it can really bring the two of you together and make you value the other person.

You’ll complement one another.

What’s fun about being different is that there’s generally someone who is very hyped up and rational and someone who is very calm and likes to have fun. When you blend these personalities together, you can really bring out the best in each other, calming the other person when they need it or bringing a lighter, happier side of them out. It’s really neat how helpful this can be in relationships.

They’ll make you more sympathetic.

When you truly care about someone who is opposite of you, you become more tolerant and sympathetic to their needs, and this carries out into relationships with people in general. It makes working with others who are different than you much easier and you learn to appreciate differences.

They’ll introduce you to new things.

One of the best things about dating someone opposite of you is getting to explore things. Maybe you’ll find new artists you love or go outside your bubble and try new foods or hobbies. It can be really exciting to let your partner take you to new levels of things and can definitely take you other places in the bedroom!

They’ll give you great advice.

When we date people just like us, we often don’t get very objective opinions as they always take our side and agree. But when you date someone opposite of you, they’re not afraid to tell you when you’re wrong and help you see things in a new perspective. In the end, it can really make you a better person.

You’ll know your relationship is real.

When you put in the work to be with someone different than you, you know how much you both appreciate one another. Your relationship becomes so much more than surface level stuff and grows so much deeper with each time you communicate through your differences.

You’ll never be bored.

One of the BEST parts of dating your polar opposite is that there’s always more to learn and do. You can explore new things and meet new people without it becoming monotonous. You live in two different worlds and when you come together, your worlds just get bigger. This will always be an exciting thing!

They'll be everything you never knew you needed.

It's easy to fight with someone that is different from you, but once you truly know one another it will be hard to let each other go. They'll bring you so much excitement and happiness and you can find solace in one another's differences.

You already have a YOU. You don't need another one. You just need them.