To The Childhood Best Friend Who's In It For The Long Run
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To The Childhood Best Friend Who's In It For The Long Run

After 13 years of friendship, you're kind of in it for the long run.

To The Childhood Best Friend Who's In It For The Long Run
Samantha Kerker

I have never met someone other than my family that cared about me as much as you do.

You are the best friend I have ever had, even through our ups and downs. You support me even when you know I am not making the best decision. You want to see me happy and I wouldn't want anything else in the world for you.

Thirteen years is a long time to put up with someone, but I wouldn't have wanted to put up with anyone else's craziness for so long.

We've had countless memories over the years, both the good and the bad. I'll never forget all of our pointless arguments, concluding in us apologizing hours later because we had to tell the other something important.

No one has ever matched the friendship that I have shared with you, not one person over the course of the past thirteen years. You're not only my best friend, but you are also my family.

You are someone I will always cherish, even when you aren't living just a few blocks down the road. I never doubt that our friendship will die out because, without you, I wouldn't be myself.

And although I moved away for college, I still consider you my best friend, because I know I will never be able to find someone like you again.

It blows my mind how much we care about each other. When you hurt, I hurt, because you are my best friend and I never want to see you upset. You've gone through some rough patches in life, as we all have, but I couldn't be more proud of how strong you were through it all.

You never gave up and you persevered through the most challenging times of your life with all the strength you had.

There were so many times that you had thought a boy broke your heart, but let's be honest, none of them deserved you anyway. They didn't deserve to get to know the side of you that I know so well, and they sure didn't deserve all of the love and laughter you have to give.

You were always there for me during my breakups and supported all the relationships I have been in, whether you thought you should have or not. I can never thank you enough for all you have done for me over the years. You have been such a big support system through all the hard times I've endured.

You make me laugh when I want to cry, you make me smile when all I want to do is frown, and most importantly, you've made me open up again when that was the last thing I wanted to do. There were so many days that I didn't think I could get out of bed, but you encouraged me to stay strong through it all, and that is why you are my best friend.

Over the years, we have made countless memories.

From country concerts to parties on Friday nights, to cruising the back roads of our hometown at sunset, we've spent so much time together. Sometimes we had doubted whether or not our friendship would last throughout high school, but after nine years, we decided we were in it for the long run.

I'm so happy to reflect back on the memories we made throughout middle school, junior high, and high school, and I cannot wait for the memories to come.

I know we still have many years in store for the "dynamic duo" to hit the streets.

There was a time in our lives, around junior high, when we would fight about every single thing imaginable. We would bicker about boys, about spending time with other friends, and feeling left out. All of these so-called "arguments" all lasted for a very short time because we couldn't stay mad at each other long enough. We always had something important to tell each other that would end our fight quickly. I'm thankful to reflect back on memories like these because I know that our friendship can last through thick and thin.

I will always consider you my family. We have grown so close together over the past thirteen years as we grew up. We were with each other when our parents were going through divorces when each other had lost important family members or even family pets. I could cry in front of you and still feel completely comfortable because I knew you cared. You know my family just like your own and vice versa.

We grew up in each other's houses and also watched each other's siblings and parents grow.

Your family has taken me as one of their own and your grandparents make me feel like I am one of their grandchildren. I could not ask for a better friend family to grow up around and I hope you feel the same way about my family. I know as we keep growing, we will keep growing closer. You are not only my family, but you are the sister I never had.

This past month has been weird for our friendship. When I moved away for college, I knew things would feel different, but this is not quite what I expected. I thought we would still talk regularly and I hoped that we would be able to visit each other often, but that isn't the case.

We both have so many new responsibilities to juggle so we don't have as much time to devote to one another. Every time I go home to visit, you are always one of the first people I want to see.

Being away at college is so different, I wish I could have you around here.

I miss cruising down back roads, going faster than we should have been. I miss sitting in your garage talking about boy problems. I miss having my best friend only a few blocks down the road. Although all of these things are hard to walk away from, we are growing up and I couldn't be more proud of us for going after our dreams. Even though we don't talk and see each other as much, you are still my best friend, because you are irreplaceable.

No matter how many days, weeks, months or years I go without seeing you, you will always be my best friend. I can always count on you for anything. I know you are there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on.

You are there to make me laugh and to make me smile when I'm having a hard day and I am always there to do the same for you.

Although we live two and a half hours away from each other now, I am always just a phone call away. You will always have a special place in my heart. You will always be my best friend and best friend for many years to come.


Your childhood best friend

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