Why You Should Always Be Open To Trying Something New

Why You Should Always Be Open To Trying Something New

The same old, same old gets real old real fast.


Some people have a tendency to become accustomed to the same routine and the same old things. They know what they like, and that's what they want to stick to. Sometimes, they also know what they don't like, and shy away from those things.

If you say that you don't like tomatoes and you have tried them recently to confirm it, that is one thing. If you've never had a tomato in your life and you go around saying that you don't like them, however, that is not okay. You need to try the tomato. For all you know, you will wind up liking it after all.

The same thing goes if you are scared to do something but have never tried it before. Trying something that you're scared of can be a great confidence booster.

You'll be able to put your hands on your hips with pride and say, “I did that!” You'll feel better about the next challenge that comes your way.

Trying something new does not necessarily mean that you don't like or are afraid of whatever it is that you are trying. It is about being open to change and being aware of your different options, as well as being willing to be introduced to something unfamiliar.

If a friend is a fan of country music and you never listen to country, don’t protest when he or she tries to turn it on in the car. If you give the music a chance, perhaps you’ll take a liking to it that you never thought you would and start to listen to it more often.

Watch a movie you’ve never seen before instead of your favorite flick that you’ve seen countless times and have memorized. Instead of ordering the same thing that you always order at your favorite restaurant, order something different, or go to a restaurant you’ve never been to before. Or, instead of going out to eat, go bowling instead. Instead of bowling, take a walk through nature.

There are so many things to try and do and so much life to live, so it is silly to repeat the same things over and over again. Why restrict yourself to what you’ve always known? Travel somewhere you’ve never been, talk to new people, try new food, pick up an instrument, play a new sport, challenge yourself to try something that you’re afraid of. Style your hair differently. Go makeup free if you always wear makeup, or fool around with makeup if you usually go makeup free. If you have free time, do something productive instead of just watching Netflix. Write. Draw. Volunteer. Build something. Play with your pet (if you have a pet that can be played with). The bottom line: do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. It will be worth it.

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