To My Best Friend, Even If Don't Talk All The Time
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To My Best Friend, Even If Don't Talk All The Time

Sometimes its the crazy ones that make the best memories.

To My Best Friend, Even If Don't Talk All The Time
Zade Barker

My best friend is a part of me, you are my heart in the worst of times, even if we rarely talk anymore.

You make me laugh even when I want to cry, this may seem small, but when I'm sad I think of you and our high school memories because they remind me that I found someone who gets me. You claim I'm crazy and always get annoyed whenever I don't tell you all the boring details of my life, but here is to new beginnings.

I've always told you that writing is how I express myself, here you go. I love you, you're amazing, talented, beautiful, and the craziest woman I will ever meet, you make me seem tamed some days. The way you dance your frustrations away, scream whenever you need to let things out and go towards fashion whenever you don't want to think amazes me every day, never forget I am here just a little distracted with the whirlwind that is my college life, I love you.

A best friend isn't someone you talk to every day or even every week, a best friend is someone who has your back when shit hits the fan and I know you'll always be there.

The best memory that I have of us, is one that is rather odd, Halloween 2013 we went out to Terror Under The Bridge, but then we ended up driving around after dropping everyone off and dancing in a field near ATA with the car volume at max. It perfectly depicts how crazy we can be in that we had no fear when it was pitch black we just knew that there was a moment where we could enjoy being teens.

Some days I think you make me the most mindless person whenever in a split second we decide to do something, but then I remember every good story begins with "come on, it'll be fun". Best friends are meant to be there, even when they can't find the words to say, thank you for being there by my side even when I didn't want to hear anything, for being there when neither of us could bare to look at each other because of some stupid argument. Thank you for being the sister that I always wanted and you will always be my sister till the day I die.

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