Hey Readers!

When I write, I try to instill a sense of motivation to whoever finds it useful. There aren't guidelines to life, so we have to make them up ourselves as we go along.

During Women's History Month, I challenge women to do one thing you've hesitated with. It could be a hobby you've never taken up but showed interest in or a book you've never had the time to read. It can be a long-term or short-term goal, but I hope it adds a sense of positivity and peace to your life.

I know this sounds like a strange thing to write about this week, but too often, I see goals or moments get lost within time. These moments, then, become regrets. I, myself, am trying to remember the things that keep me happy and passionate so they don't become forgotten.

The determination within each one of us is essential to who we are, so keep this in mind when you feel you can't do something you've been wanting to do. If you feel you don't have the determination, I hope that any of my writings help. Sometimes, we need a reminder that fuels the dreamer within all of us. I hope that my words provide that for someone out there.

I understand that all of us as women come from different parts of the world. With this, brings different cultures, languages, and even daily routines. However, what I hope is that you do what brings you happiness. Happiness means many things, but as long as it brings restoration to your well-being and adds positivity, challenge yourself to do it.

Imagine five years from now if you've never attempted to take that trip you've wanted or applied for that job you've had your eye on. Imagine if you've wanted to whisk yourself away for a little while with the person you love or to sing that song you've practiced in your head over and over, but never got to do it.

I have never claimed to be an expert in life. But what I do understand is that whatever part of you lights up when you hear or see something you've held back from doing or accomplishing, please listen and do it. Time will not wait for you or me, so give all that you've got to that particular challenge for yourself. As I've said in the past: may all of your wildest dreams come true. Even after Women's History Month comes to a close.

With Deepest Sincerity,