Dear soul sister,

You know who you are, and chances are, so does everyone else reading this letter. We are just inseparable like that – not in the gotta-be-everywhere-and-do-everything-together type of dependence, but the sense of knowing wherever one of us is, the other is connected. It’s a soul thing.

You came into my life slowly, unexpectedly, just like the best things usually do. Our common classes turned into lunches, dinners, road trips, and the best kind of comfortable friendship. The kind where the silence is never awkward, shared secrets are never revealed, and judgment is never passed.

We’ve dared each other to test our limits and become our very best selves. We’ve made bucket lists to overcome our fears, taught each other to set standards for people in our lives, and formed the deepest bond best friends can possibly nurture. I call you my soul sister because for all the times we bicker, you are the one I know I can turn to.

Lord knows you’ve seen it all, girl, and you know me better than I know myself. You can tell immediately if I’m upset, even if I’ve managed to hide it from so many friends, and you have no qualm about pointing out if I’m acting ridiculous. I know how you take your coffee, and you know what kind of day I’m having based on what I’m wearing. I know when you’re about to crack a joke, and you know when I’m about to give someone an earful. We both love driving with the roof down and music up, we usually end up getting lost if we go hiking, and we constantly nag each other about the goals we set if we aren’t following them. We have the same favorite holiday, dislike the same people, love having mini adventures, and are secretly grandmas who like watching Netflix and going to bed at 10pm. We may not share every interest, but you can bet we share the same values and expectations from life.

I think people you connect with on this level are rare. It’s almost psychic the way we can exchange a look or come up with the same quip in a moment. It’s unexplainable, but I am so grateful to have you centered in my life. Soul mates aren’t just for couples – they’re for best friends, too, and I am so lucky that I found you.

- M -