Dear Sandburg Hall,

I'm not sure why I miss you so much right now while I'm at home. At home, I have my own room and a queen-sized bed. I don't have roommates coming in and out as they please, I don't hear the elevators running 24/7, and I don't feel cramped. Yet, I still miss you.

Maybe I'm bored at my house and you offer the possibilities of school starting up, and I'll have things to do. Maybe I miss you because my friends are no longer just feet away from where my bedroom is. Maybe I actually miss the sounds of the elevators running nonstop and the way that my bed is uncomfortable, yet I can't seem to get comfortable in my bed at home. I miss the way that if I'm hungry at 11:30 at night I can run down to Palms and get something to eat. I miss hearing yelling, and walking into other peoples' rooms to see a Minecraft party, or eating pizza with my friends when we're all tired of the cafeteria food. I miss Sandburg, and how good it feels to collapse on my bed after class. I miss my friends in the dorms, and how they would come into the room and offer some sort of adventure, even if it was going downstairs, or going to annoy someone else.

I miss how in my room, everything has a spot, and I know exactly where to put it. Now when I go home, everything in my room has changed, and I don't know where to put anything.

I miss my home away from home.

I miss you, Sandburg, and I can't wait to be reunited soon.


Liz George