A Senior's Letter To Her Sorority Sisters, Two Years Later

A Senior's Letter To Her Sorority Sisters, Two Years Later

As I enter into my final year at Arizona State, I wanted to write this open letter to my Delta Gamma sisters that helped me get to where I am today.


To my Sisters,

When I first came to campus, I felt so lost with who I was and what I wanted to gain from going Greek or even in my life, but then I met you all. It was like looking into the future of everything I wanted to be and more, to be a woman who is confident, kind and real.

For these reasons, I joined. Though I may not have known this then, this decision would be the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

Freshman year, I was lost.

I felt so alone and as if the world was coming down around me. I pulled farther and farther away from my sisters who I had just met, and never even told them how I was feeling or that I was getting ready to transfer. When my decision was almost final, something told me to reach out, and I did.

The overwhelming amounts of love and support brought this little voice to the back of my mind telling me "stay."

Though these feelings of loss and sadness did not leave, I followed my heart and decided to stay for my sisters.

Once I returned for my second year at ASU and with Delta Gamma, I got into an accident. I was driving on the I-10 to Tempe when two cars came to a dead stop in the middle of the highway and I did not stop in time. I rear-ended one car and the other took off. I totaled both my car and the one I hit, was left with cuts, burns, and bruises all over my body, and a concussion.

I chose not to tell too many people about it because I thought no one would care. But my sorority sisters did. They reached out to me and made sure I was OK and checked in on me if I needed anything. They saved me from falling deeper into the hole that I was already in, and for that I am thankful.

Though I healed from this, I still felt myself distancing from my sisters.

Even with me pushing myself away, they still stayed by my side and motivated me to seek help for what was wrong. Little did I know then that seeking help would bring me to the discovery of a failed knee surgery from high school.

I had two ACL reconstruction surgeries in high school and discovered that I suffer from depression systems when going through stress caused by knee pain, which explained the helplessness I had been feeling for two years. The next step was to have two surgeries within the year to fix my knee.

I got my third knee surgery about a month before classes started for my third year and was unable to walk for weeks. I was already feeling better and becoming more open to the support from my sisters. Shortly after returning to school, I got into another accident. I had been practicing riding my bike to see how my knee felt after weeks of recovery when a car didn't look before turning and struck me.

Fortunately, I walked away with minor injuries, and yet another painful thing I tried to hide from my sisters.

All of these physical burdens continued to pile on to my mental health, and the gloomy reminder I would be getting another knee surgery in the winter. I felt the lost feeling from freshman year begin to return — until some of you that I hadn't really been close to stepped into my life and helped me through the pain.

Once I finally allowed myself to open up and let my sisters into my life, nothing else mattered.

All of these physical ailments and accidents that riddled my body with pain felt like just minor things whenever I am with you. You all may not have realized this, but I probably wouldn't be alive today without you.

Some people outside of Greek life may think this all sounds ridiculous, because how could I possibly be close to around 200 of you realistically and how could you all have possibly helped the way you did, and I will admit that I am not close with all of you.

Despite this, I know who you all are because you are in this chapter and Delta Gamma family for a reason, and by knowing that I know I have you love and support whenever I need it.

Though I thank all of you sisters, there are you few who I hold very dearly and to whom this letter is truly for.

The ones that have stuck by me since freshman year when I hated myself and never wanted to leave my room.

The ones that entered my life in a difficult time and never left. The ones that always made me feel welcomed and loved even when I felt like I had no one.

The ones that brought me into the most wonderful family, and the ones that allowed me to bring them into that same home.

The ones that don't even know my name but still smile and say hello in passing.

The ones who were there for me and didn't know why.

You never ask questions or push me to talk about the things that were hurting me, but still, you were there.

To my sisters in my "crew," thank you for the love and laughter you bring me every day.

To my sister that drove me to class without hesitation and I could talk about literally anything with, thank you for letting me open up to you with no judgment.

To my sister that I work with, thank you for all the love and memories we've made together over the years.

To my big, thank you for being the woman in this world that I look up to.

To my first little, thank you for bringing out the fun in me even when all I want to do is sleep all day.

To my second little, thank you for coming into my life when you did because I don't know where I'd be without you.

To my family, thank you for welcoming me in and being my home away from home.

To the rest of my sisters, thank you for being a part of this big and wonderful family.

I wanted to thank you all for being in my life during these times of difficulty. Whether you were aware of it or not, I really wanted to reflect on everything I've gone through with you all to get me to my senior year and through my (hopefully) last surgery that I just had done in December.

Two years ago, I never thought I'd be here. I thought I was transferring to graduate at a different university, and for a little bit even though I would not return to school at all. I thought I would leave this chapter and never look back, but you are the reason I stayed.

This chapter really did save me from myself and pushed me to keep moving forward even when all I wanted to do was stop. Thank you all for being a part of my life, and I can't wait to finish my last year of college with you by my side.


Your Delta Gamma Sister

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My Sisterhood Is Not Your Joke

Between stereotypes and laughing at our traditions, the teasing needs to stop.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that sororities are unlike any other organization. Each sorority is different, and every chapter has its own unique traditions. It is hard to understand why we do the things we do if you aren’t involved in Greek life. But because my sisterhood is different than your social group or service committee does not make it the brunt of your jokes.

Sorority girls are smart. We aren’t airheads who put our social lives before our grades. Most sororities require members to maintain a certain GPA. In some cases, girls who fall below a required academic standard have minor consequences to face. Sisters help each other study, attend class together, and encourage each other in academics. Many sorority girls go on to be successful in scientific fields, hold positions of authority in business endeavors, and impact lives of others no matter their profession.

I didn’t buy my friends nor am I in it for a resume builder. “Did you join a sorority so you can buy your friends because you can’t get them on your own?” This is my favorite. If I were in a sorority to buy my friends, my sisters would be a getting a whole lot back in terms of monetary compensation. As it turns out, you get so much more than money from a sorority. Because I joined a sisterhood, I have made my best friends. These girls will be there for the rest of college and hopefully the rest of my life. There is not enough money in the world that I could give them in return for their love and company. I also didn’t go through recruitment to build my resume. Yes, it definitely is a benefit to be a part of an organization that is nationally known in terms of service and leadership opportunities. But no, that’s not why I joined.

We don’t get drunk and hook up with guys every time we go to a party. You might think it’s funny to ask me every time I come home from a party how many shots I took or how many guys I made out with, but it’s not. Things like this happen at parties, but that’s just how college is. It’s not specific to Greek organizations. I have never been told so many times that underage drinking is not allowed than I have by my sisters. Also, not every party or social event is some huge rager with obscene amounts of drugs and alcohol. In reality, very few of them are. A lot of social events held across Greek communities are really casual and for the purpose of just getting to know each other.

‘Big’ and “Little” aren’t just cute nicknames. My Big is my mentor, my best friend, and my family. Yes, I will always call her Big. No, that doesn’t just mean she was assigned to me after I signed my bid card. She didn’t pull my name out of a hat one day and decide she liked me. We were paired together because our personalities matched and because we would help each other grow and become the best members of our chapter that we could be.

Yes, my letters are everything. I cannot count the number of times someone has made a joke about the hand signs sorority girls hold up in pictures, better known as “throwing what we know.” Yes, it’s silly, but it’s important. Throwing what we know is a way for each of us to make our mark and to remember the moments we’ve shared with our sisters. It reminds me that everywhere I go, I am representing my sisterhood and the values we uphold.

We keep the most important things a secret. Sorry, no matter how much you poke and prod, I am not going to tell you our initiation ritual. This is the most important moment of being a member of a sisterhood, and it isn’t to be shared with people who don’t appreciate it. Keeping these special moments safe within the sisterhood is a way that the members draw closer together. Rituals and traditions are why a lot of girls join and choose to stay in a sorority. It’s how each girl connects to her sisters.

You will never understand what it means to be a sorority unless you join one. I’m not saying to go and sign up for recruitment right now because it isn’t for everyone. It’s important however, to realize that just because we do things a little bit differently than you might or we have some habits you might find odd doesn’t mean we need to be your jokes. We are not a stereotype, each sister is different, and if you took the time to meet us and listen to us talk about how much we love Greek life, you will see us all a little differently.

Cover Image Credit: Her Campus

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The 17 Stages Of Big Little Reveal That All Lead Up To Adding The Perfect Little To Your Sorority Family

I love you big my sweet little!!


I was just initiated into my sorority at Ole Miss last semester, so I really didn't think I was going to take a little until next fall. However, once recruitment started for this semester, I completely changed my mind. And I am so glad I did!!!

Here are 17 stages that range from recruitment to post reveal that all sorority girls going through big/ little reveal as a new big can relate to:

1. Meeting new members during recruitment

2. Deciding whether you want to take a little or not

3. But then being 110% positive you want to take a little because you clicked really well with some new members

4. When you officially commit to taking a little and start getting excited

5. Mood while you wait to find out who your little is

6. When you find out who your little is and it's who you wanted

7. When it hits you how much you need to do to prepare for gifts and reveal and not much time to do it

8. When you start brainstorming ideas for crafts and reveal themes

9. When you start shopping for your little

10. When you want to hang out with your future little but also don't want to give her any indication that you're her big

11. When you have to lie to your future little when she asks if you are her big or if you know who her big is

12. When you drop off your gifts and feel relieved that all your planning and work has paid off

13. When you see your little post her gifts on social media saying she can't wait to meet you and you reallyyyy want to message her about it

14. That feeling when you wake up and it's reveal day

15. The moment of the reveal!!!

16. When your little thanks you for her gifts

17. When it's all over and you can just enjoy your fam

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