An Open Letter To My Four-Legged Child
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An Open Letter To My Four-Legged Child

My dog is my furry, four-legged child.

An Open Letter To My Four-Legged Child

To my furry friend,

As much as I tell you to "stop" or "go lay down" or nudge you off of me, I wouldn't have it any other way. You can be the most annoying dog in the world, from non-stop kisses to scratching my legs, from trying to steal my food to pawing at me when you want lovin'. Then again, you're the only one that can truly bug me to death and I just can't seem to get mad.

First and for most, I'm sorry I can't always take you "bye-bye." School, work and life in general gets in the way of our quality time and for allowing that, I apologize. But you're such a good girl when you know I have to leave, and you quietly give me a kiss and head to your bed. But oh baby, when I get home you go crazy, and I live for that. Nothing beats coming home after a long day and seeing you wiggle all over the kitchen with your toy.

You're so playful. I've never met a dog with so much energy (that's the Boston in ya). You could play tug-of-war, fetch, or run laps around the pool all day if I'd let you. Yet you're also so lazy. Waking you up in the mornings is equivalent to waking a 16-year-old boy for school: not happening.

The coolest part about having a dog is the insane feeling you begin to have. For some reason you start to feel like a parent. Just like any mom, I'm so eager to pull out my phone and show videos of you and go on and on about a moment we had and how funny it was. That's one of the other cool things about being your mommy. There is never a dull moment with you. We have shared so many memories in the last four years. I'll never forget the night we had corn on the cob for dinner. Needless to say, you enjoyed it, too.

Thank you for always greeting me with your toy whenever I come home. Thank you for showering me with kisses when I'm sad. Thank you for eating the rest of my ice cream when I'm too full. Most of all, thank you for being the dog you are. Out of all of the dogs I've had growing up or meeting through friends, you're the most unique. Chanel, you make noises that I honestly have never heard before. Your yawns sound like a scream and your precious teeth stick out due to your underbite and I couldn't be more grateful for a smile than I am for yours.

When it comes down to it, you're the only person (yes, person), who can bring out my happiness. Everything you've done for me, everything you still do for me and everything you've made me into is more than I can ask for. For that you're a person, and you're my person.

You've been there for me more than anyone else ever has. You've listened more, you've laid with me more, you've let me cry and never got up and walked away. You're the only one I can count on and the only one I need.

Though you'll never read this, or maybe you will because I tell you everything, at least now the world can understand our relationship a little better.

Love always,

Your Mommy

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