An Open Letter To The Struggling Nursing Student

An Open Letter To The Struggling Nursing Student

Remember why you chose this path

Dear Nursing student,

Second semester has just begun, but as a fellow Nursing student, I know that you are already swamped with tons of homework, exams, classes, clinical, labs, and studying. Whether you are the pre-nursing student trying to pass Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, Statistic, and any other gen-ed requirement, to the Nursing student already in the program, you might be finding that second semester is bringing a heavy load.

You can already see yourself sitting in the library for endless hours this semester because you know it's going to be a rough one. You can already feel the stress you are going to feel when you have 2 papers and 3 exams all in the same week. Second semester is already starting to make you feel like you don't know if you can handle another hard semester.

You see your friends in other majors barely having any homework and you get envious. You wish you had more free time. You might not admit to it, but I bet sometimes you even wish you hadn't chosen Nursing as your major....

Here is some advice for you little nursing student: You can do this. You chose to pursue a degree in nursing for a reason. Every time you start to resent your decision, remember why you chose this wonderful career path.

Remember how passionate you are about this field of work. Think about how someday you will help someone feel better when they are sick. You will show your compassion and dedication one day. One dy, you will impact a patient's life. Think about it, you can do this.

I wish you nothing but the best this semester. All the late nights in the library and the stress will all be worth it one day, I promise.


A fellow struggling Nursing student

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Top 4 Pros And Cons To Consider When Joining A Sorority

Some of the pros are pretty tempting.

At my school, freshmen aren't allowed to rush until their spring semester. If you're in this situation as well or are just considering rushing, read on.


1. Likeminded people

Whether you're in a sorority that's service-based or nationality-centered, chances are the people in it value the same things as you.

2. Being a Little

Getting spoiled with gifts is always fun. Especially if they get you something that matches your personality exactly- that shows they're paying attention to what you're like and really care about you. Also, wouldn't it be the best if your always put-together big gave you a Naked makeup palette and promised, "I'll teach you how to use it"?

3. Being a Big

Similarly exciting is shopping for gifts you know your little will love. And admit it, you've always wanted to surprise someone by popping out of a box (which you can do if your little can't make the actual reveal with everyone else.) Plus that look on their face when they find out it's you, hug you with joy, and that feeling that they wouldn't have wanted anyone else is a wonderful experience.

4. Go-to people

You'll always have people to take adorable pictures with, go out to lunch with, and throw you surprise birthday parties.


1. Sororities in general cost money

Not only are you paying for gifts out of your own pocket, but you have to pay to be a part of it.

2. It's time-consuming

There are a lot of fundraisers, mixers, charity events, and meetings. If you have a major that keeps you really busy this might not be the best fit for you.

3. People in it can be catty

This is true for anywhere, but some of the other girls may try to get you in trouble if they don't like you or spread rumors to make everyone else hate you. This can make your experience isolating, especially if you joined to make new friends.

4. Partying

Obviously not every sorority's #1 priority is partying, but it's still prevalent enough in the culture. If partying isn't your thing, you can either join one that doesn't do it or find another organization to get involved in that fits your interests better.

Cover Image Credit: pexels

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10 Reasons College Kids Are Just Babies In Adult Bodies

Maybe one day I'll grow up, but for now, I'm definitely still a baby.

College kids are babies, and I'm not saying that figuratively. We technically are the same people. Think about it, what do babies like to do the most? Eat and sleep. You know who else loves to do that?

College kids.

And while it is true that there are some high functioning college students, most of us are just babies at heart and still need an adult to help us through life.

1. We cry. A lot.

While college students are usually crying over a test score or the fact that they just ran out of tequila, there's no denying that college kids and babies are always crying about something.

Just roll them up into a blanket taco and let them cry themselves to sleep I guess.

2. We have to take naps

If I have more than 20 minutes of free time between classes, you know I'm taking a nap. And, just like a baby, I need to have at least two naps a day, otherwise, I get cranky.

3. We get cranky when we're hungry

Speaking of getting cranky, if you encounter either a hungry baby or a hungry college kid, you better run in the opposite direction. Chances are they'll start throwing a tantrum until someone puts a bottle in front of their face.

4. Sometimes we poop ourselves

I'm not going to name this person, but I definitely know someone who has pooped themselves in college.

5. All we want is our mom

College is hard and I just want my mom, OK?

6. The smallest things make us happy

"Is that a dog? THAT'S A DOG!" *starts squealing and clapping hands* — Every college kid and baby ever.

7. Snacks are a must

This goes along with #3 pretty well. If you look into the average college kid's backpack and Mom's baby bag, you'll pretty much find it chalk full of snacks just in case they have a meltdown.

8. We throw up a lot

Do I really need to explain this?

9. We both drink straight from the bottle

It's just easier that way, for both parties.

10. We can pass out wherever

Whether it's on someone else's chest or straight on the bathroom floor, college kids and babies can get comfortable ANYWHERE if they're tired enough.

Overall, college kids are just babies in adult bodies. We don't want to grow up and we wish we could have someone else take care of us forever. The 'real world' is scary and adulting is hard.

Maybe one day I'll grow up, but for now, I'm definitely still a baby.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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