A Letter To My Hero, My Fellow Nerd, My Father,

I remember when you first introduced me to Star Wars, you were so happy that I was in love with these movies that we would watch them on repeat. We would do the fight scene between Vader and Luke and you has those voices down perfectly. We played video games together; the fighting games would be intense because I would always win.

Daddy, I hope you know how amazing you are. God wanted to test us to see how far we could be pushed after losing Mom. We've been doing a damn good job the last ten years. YOU have been doing a damn good job, Dad. You may not know it, I hope you do, that because of you being so active in my life I've become the woman I've wanted to be. Mom guided me from up above and you guided me in physical form. It's hard not being able to see you everyday. I love when we get to talk on the phone; I know EXACTLY where my awkward and stuttery traits come from and that's from you.

I see Mom in myself everyday when I look in the mirror but I know 75% of my personality comes from you and I love that. I remember being little and always batting my eyes at you if I wanted a toy or an ice cream and you'd cave because I had you wrapped around my little finger. You always embraced what I wanted to do and that means so much to me. You say that you're not very smart sometimes and I hate when you say that about yourself because you are. Just because you didn't get the education you wanted doesn't make you stupid. You're my father, and in my eyes you're more than a superhero.

When I moved out I had to stop myself from crying, you hugged me so tightly and I kept wondering if I had made a mistake with leaving. It's still tough for me because even though I'm twenty seven I still need my Daddy. I'm so lucky to have you as my dad; I love that you text and call me everyday. I look at baby pictures of myself with you and I could tell that I loved you so much and you loved me. Mom always took the best pictures of us.

I know how much you miss her, and I'm sorry I couldn't understand for so long that you lost her too. She was the love of your life. Your person. The three of us were such goofballs together. One of my favorite memories is when The Doors: Wild Child, was playing on VH1 and we all start to dance around in circles like Jim Morrison did with the Native Americans around the fire. We were all laughing so hard. You always laughed the hardest whenever Mom did something funny or outrageous. You guys were best friends and I'm lucky enough now to call Rob not only my boyfriend but my best friend too.

There's many memories of us that I love so much. We were a team. You, Mom and I. I wish we had more memories. Every time I see you it's like I'm a little girl again, just standing by your side knowing that no matter what you will always protect me.

I will always protect you too, Daddy. You are the only man in my life that I will forever love. I thank you for showing me that it's okay to be silly and to act like a kid sometimes. I love that you call me just to say, "Hey! Listen!" And you'll start up your Star Wars light saber that I gave you for Christmas. I save all of your voicemails, too. I want to make sure that I will forever have the sound of your voice.

I love you Daddy. You are my Superman, my Captain America, my Batman. Always know that even though I'm older, I'm forever your baby girl.

I love you so much. Happy Father's Day.

May The Force Be With You.

Love, Me