Hey you,

I know this year is going to be hard. We're so used to seeing each other all the time and for always having each other to rely on. Don't worry, even though I'm a little farther away and not going to be around as much, doesn't mean I don't care about you any less.

I read somewhere that sometimes when someone's significant other goes off to college while the other is still in high school, the high schooler feels abandoned. I don't want you to feel as though I'm abandoning you, because chances are I'm sitting here wishing you'd come walking through the door like it's no big deal.

You know I'll be back. No matter what obstacles come my way, I know who I want to come home to, and I know who's going to be waiting with open arms for me to come home.

Thanks to you, I had the best summer of my life. You gave me arms I feel safe in and a smile that warms my heart. You gave me safety. After being in so many unhealthy relationships, it's nice to feel something that doesn't freak me out.

You're going to do amazing things with your life, but don't lose sight of senior year. Don't try to grow up too fast. Trust me, love, it's going to be over before you know it and then you'll be moving out.

I thought I was ready to be able to say goodbye to you, but after having to last night, I realized it'll never get easier. Saying goodbye to the one of the best things in your life will never be an easy thing to do. However, knowing that you care and that you truly believe we can work all of this out? That's what's keeping me going.

So have an amazing senior year. I'll see you soon. You know the rest.