To Your Spiritual Well-being,

There are so many things that can bog us down within a day, let alone, a week. It can even affect how you feel inside.

Spiritual well-being wasn't something I thought would make the difference. Sure, I'd heard sayings about "cleaning" your spirit of negativity, but I never understood what it meant or how to do it.

When I began to truly feel the weight of so many things in my day, I remembered how I felt on the inside: heavy. I started to think that if I approached each day with a different outlook, I could feel lighter. This was how I discovered the importance of having spiritual well-being.

Please keep in mind that there isn't one right or wrong way to keep you spiritually balanced. However, make sure it promotes a healthy and positive experience of growth. I want all of my readers to feel as refreshed against stressful situations as needed.

There are a few ways I maintain spiritual well-being. One is cleaning out my space. I know this may sound weird, but when your living space is cleaned it can also make you feel as if you're clearing out negative emotions. It's exactly what it sounds like: when you clean, you're ridding away of things that you don't need or want. Try applying this to when you feel bogged down spiritually, ridding of only negativity.

Another way is writing down my thoughts. Believe it or not, I sometimes go back and read what I wrote on a previous day. I reflect on how and why I felt how I did. It helps me to recognize certain negative causes that I can improve on. When you self-reflect, you learn about yourself, which could lead to healthier spirituality.

The other way I maintain spiritual well-being is breathing. Yes, breathing. Mediation is one of the most uplifting moments of my day. It is a quiet place and time for me to clear my mind and focus on breathing.

I hope that some of these appeal to someone out there and that you take more time to keep your spiritual well-being healthy.