Dear Casey and the rest of the PGA Lady Cardinals,

First, I just want to say that second place isn’t too shabby. Wear your medals with pride, keep your heads up high, and remember you are second in the state. The competition was fierce, and you were not afraid. You used your nerves to your advantage, and you fought until the last out was made. Your bats were on fire, and your throws were on point. You did your best, and that is all anyone could ask of you. It is obvious that you played your hearts out and that you gave it your all. Your coaches, fans, and families are all proud of every single one of you! You showed everyone within the state what you girls can do, and no one will ever doubt your abilities again. You are the Class AAA Schuylkill County Champions, District 11 Champions, and the Pennsylvania State Championship Runner Up. Again, let me say that you are second place in the state!

Second, to the seniors, I know you may feel sad or disappointed that you did not win the State Championship, and that is okay. Although, along with those feelings, you should feel pride. The team would not have been able to accomplish as much as they did without your support and guidance. You helped every single underclassman grow and develop the skills necessary for the team to succeed. Your experience and leadership were a key component in the success of the team as a whole. So while it is okay to feel sad or disappointed remember to be happy and prideful because you were an integral part of the team that won second place in the state.

Finally, to my sister, you were only a sophomore, and you made varsity. You were only a sophomore, and you earned so many different titles including second place in the state. You should be proud of everything that you have accomplished. Throughout the season, you have hit a homerun, made the first out of the game, and even made the game-winning out. Please do not hang your head because what you and your team accomplished is something to be proud of forever. I know that we are all proud of you. I look forward to watching you play and earn even more medals these next two years, and I know you and your team will continue to prove that the PGA Lady Cardinals really is the best team!


A fan and a sister