I just wanted to say hello and thank you.

Thank you for pushing me through the rough spots. Life can get pretty challenging, and your kind, encouraging words never went unnoticed. You helped me believe in myself and taught me how to “describe my world," with mere word choice.

You gave me a new light. A light I would never truly appreciate until my entire world came crashing down. It gave me hope; you gave me hope.

You haunt me. I hear you in places I least expect. You linger, like a shadow on a warm June night. Constantly there, following, in the best way. I hear you when I’m ready to give in. I hear you when I’m succeeding and having the time of my life. I hear you when I feel like I'm cemented in the ground, immobile.

You used to say your words would never travel outside of the small central Pennsylvania town we call home, but they have. They have traveled to and fro throughout all of my papers. They travel throughout the neurons firing in my brain on a daily basis. They have been heard throughout my world.

You’re so impactful, but you have no idea. You truly never take credit for all of your hard work and dedication. You give your everything for someone in need and to the someone who doesn’t know they are in need (thanks for that).

You are truly an amazing human being. Maybe? Aren’t we all just organisms floating through this spherical planet we call Earth? (I remember the inside jokes.)

I would be incredibly lucky to be a fraction of the person you are. You are my role model. I aspire to be like you. To encourage and teach, as you’ve taught me.

So I’m writing you this “letter.” But I am not addressing it to you. Because you know who you are, we’ve had many conversations about your “incredibliness.” (Which you humbly decline. WRONG!) I appreciate everything you have done for me and I can’t wait to hear about another one for your “unintended success stories.” Thank you for everything, for showing me the world can truly be beautiful and not just a “never ending puzzle of nothingness.”