To Professors Who Care About Education
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Student Life

To Professors Who Care About Education

Because professors contribute so much more to my education than I remember to consider.

To Professors Who Care About Education
College Choice

Dear professors that invested their time and energy in me this semester,

I know that some days it seemed harder than others to show up to class, trust me, I know. I'm sure the classroom full of baggy-eyed students staring blankly at your face was the absolute warmest welcome you could've had on those bright and early mornings. I would love to say that each and every lecture was enduring and captured 100% of my attention, but I don't want to lie. However, it's not you, it's me. Honestly, I am a college sophomore who doesn't sleep enough and spends that majority of her time trying to organize the tornado of thoughts in her brain. With that being said, though, most days were actually very interesting and thought-provoking. Your efforts, enthusiasm, and insight mean more to me than my empty eyes might have led on. One of the biggest perks about attending a smaller school is that the classes are smaller and more intimate, which means I could develop meaningful relationships with those who were instructing me, such as yourself. Your encouragement and genuine concern for my well-being spoke more to me than any textbook.

So, thank you.

Thanks for the awesome, guided lecture notes.

Thanks for the random coffee days.

Thanks for your patience when I asked dumb questions.

Thanks for pardoning me when I ran into class panting from crossing campus in 4 minutes.

Thanks for reminding me of my worth as a human being.

Thanks for showing Christ in the classroom.

Thanks for responding to me emails when I ran into homework trouble.

Thanks for taking time outside of class to review for tests.

Thank you for dedicating more hours to your students this semester than any of our transcripts will reflect.


A college student who learned some valuable lessons this semester.

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