Open Letter to My "Potential Soulmate"

We are constantly bombarded with romantic images and life seems splendtasticly magical when in-love. Those types of relationships seem to have such easy connection. That is what we had.

Connections was always easy for us. The moment we started talking led to an eight hour conversation. Nerves were evaporated five minutes in your presence during that first date. It felt as if we'd known each other for years. You had my trust the second Those years spent with you were some of the best memories of my life.

I believe that you were a potential soulmate. Someone who is meant guide me into the next wonderful adventure with the one who will not be afraid to commit. I saw the potential in you for a forever us. But, you were unable to twist potential into reality. You locked your emotions away and at times made me feel worthless.

I came back to you post breakup because I didn't know whom else to turn to. I felt that only you could understand my pain. In us being friends, I still hoped for us getting back together. But, you only wanted me to be your friend and not vice versa.

Thank you for putting me through hell, because it taught me about love, trusting others, and that emotions should not be locked away. You taught me that I don't deserve to be ignored or made to feel less than I am. Thank you for making a fighter out of me.

Part of me feels that if emotional maturity had not been an issue than we would have been perfect for each other. But, I feel in-love with potential and it just didn't work out. That is ok, potential soulmates are meant to prepare us for the one who will always be emotional available.

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